Anti - Peace, Order and Good Government - Is this what Canada is doing now?

For the Union of Canada; Peace, Order and Good Government ;
(this does not include a government of Liberalism, liberal-fascists, homo-fascists, globalist, cultural marxist, immigration fascists, white genocide, white replacement fascists, race traitors, communism, socialism or any version of that (which is completely disqualified and unfit to govern) ;

nor does it include people without character and integrity, those normally engaged in "Crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality";

nor does it include people with allegiance to a government masqueraiding as a religion;

nor does it include unions, political parties, agendas or other factions, ideologies, with allegiance to a socialist international et cetera et al, or foreign criminal agency, including royal fraud, proxy government, deep state government, or unions in government with breach of trust and invalid oath of allegiance to Canada, or no real specific formal allegiance to Canada;

nor does it include unions who wage war and genocide angainst free enterprise, as part of the cultural Marxist communist anti-bourgeoisie anti-family agenda of destruction, including agents and entities either in government or otherwise acting on behalf of those engaged in crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality and economic debt, slavery, distortion, control and so on;

nor does that include the weaponization of "educational institutions" such as the cultural marxist tyrrany and oppression againt the founding people, the war against "whitey" including the takeover or excessive influence of institutions by foreigners or other corrupted and immoral people that are not real Canadians, who never will be real Canadians;

nor does it include those educational institutions and related personnel, including textbooks and other communications, who are involved in "Treason, specifically, race traitors, race haters, race mixing (miscenigation) sexual genocide, the dumbing down of the race and people, the corruption of curriculum and destruction of true values, while super imposing "socialist no values" and deliberate collusion of collaborateurs, to continue more crimes against people and society;

nor does it include other related simultaneous genocide known as intelligence, character, values and competence genocide; which is not something people talk about even if they are aware of, which is actions related to, in consideratoin of the criminal "education system", to destroy, reduce, corrupt, neutralize sufficient human resource development capabilities for industry, trades and more advanced requirements of national security and defence technology, (which requires considerable character, ethics, true values and personal development to make effective, productive and worthwhile contribution to society).

Notes, additionally, nor does it include a bunch of non-founding people, as the British North America Act of 1867 is about self government for the founding people. Not for the rest of the planet according to globalist anti nation state mass migration super imposed anti Canadian, anti true values liberalism agenda of crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, debt, slavery, sickness, disease, stupidity and so on….

nor does it include mass media, especially those owned, controlled, voted and edited by "not real Canadians" and also including government owned, controlled, influenced communication technology, resources and media such as CBC, who are anti Canadian, anti free enterprise, anti-real family, anti-true values, mainly found in "entertainment, television, radio, mainstream fakestream news, aka fake news, and inter-related internet, newspaper and magazines, that works incessantly to deceive, corrupt, corrode and destroy our society, people, industries, communities, families, individuals and all government, financial or otherwise, entities, agents and personnel, values and integrity, the use of propaganda and "not real science" and other deceptive trauma based mind control, psycological operations, intimidation, any and all forms of terrorism, the use of guilt and hypothetical scenarios of situations and blame, such as "what if scenarios" that are often fabricated with more lies, deception, medical and journalistic media fraud and other propaganda, social conditioning, hypnosis and other super imposed methods of mind control, in addition to censoring "whitey", straight white people, and the founding people of Canada;

nor does it include a debt based economic money creation system, compound interest and economic and industrial genocide;

nor does it include race replacement, mass migration, obscene immigration and other anti-real Canadian agendas and actions;

nor does it include the illegal "1982 Constitution" the illegal "Multicultural Act" forced migration or forced ethnic super-imposition in communities to destroy "whiteness" of "real Canadian" society, or the use of special visa, work permits, resident cards or otherwise involved in worker replacement, population replacement, or other techniques to hide the real number of foreigners invading Canada that rogue agents, entities and ministries or agendas use against the founding people and war against the nation state sovereignty with the promotion of the objectives, goals, plans, agendas, mission or otherwise of globalist or other entities, tactics, modus operandi and the corruption and destruction of nations, people, laws, traditions, customs, identity, rights, including the right of self government, and the rights to be protected by their lawful law, in this case the British North America Act, which was made for the founding people, for the security of the territory for foreign invasion, war, acquisition or otherwise;

nor does it include sexual genocide, drug genocide, vaccine genocide, super imposed medical fascist genocide;

nor does it include assault with a dangerous weapon or technology to enforce genocide, enforced vaccination, which can include toxic materials for population control, enforced sickness, disease, dumbed down and death, in addition to the right to protect ones own body and answer to personal conscience or otherwise, and additionally, forced testing with defective tests, including PCR tests or otherwise, with fake news propaganda, fake test results, track and trace, surveillance of citizens, unhealthy, infected or toxic masks and materials, the use of fear and "scared to death" and false cause of death and bogus definitions;

nor does it include terrorism, which is the use of force or the threat of the use of force, against people;

nor does it include the super imposed and enforced illegal regulations, that are un-constitutional, illegal and un-ethical;

nor does it include the genocide of moral, values, true values, family values, character, integrity, intelligence, health and vitality;

nor does it include the genocide and war against industry, enterprise, family and the individual, or "Made in Canada";

nor does it include government paying off media companies in efforts of unified collustion, collaborateurs, conspiracy to defraud or engage in other actions related to crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, control, debt, population warfare reduction agendas or otherwise, or the media engaged in fake journalism, terror-journalism, propoganda, including with foreign governments, agents, agencies, entities, organizations, persons or otherwise against any real Canadians;

nor does it include the foreign dumping, or mass importation of products, the use or acquisition of our rail, road, marine and air transportation to their advantage to put us out of business, this includes monopolies, control, acquisiton of property, industrial, aeroports, marine ports, cargo and material handling infrastructure and logistics, which may include industrial warfare, currency warfare the destruction, corruption, corrosion of values, integrity, ethics and loyalty to real Canadians;

nor does it include foreign, not real Canadians, rights, licensing, acquisition, control, ownership or otherwise of resources, including land, mining rights, minerals, metals or other materials including natural resources, forestry, fishing, agriculture and food;

nor does it include foreign, not real Canadian, ownership, voting, control and editing, or censoring of communication technology or media, as experience and evidence shows that this impairs real freedom of speech, as when "Whitey" is censored, "truth" is censored, or another "perspective or editorial opinion, especially by a real Canadian, that is not of the liberalism, globalism super imposed culture, direct or proxy warfare, government or otherwise, propaganda or the official narrative, there is a problem, especially noticable with trauma and fear bosed mind control, information warfare, and censoring truth with propaganda;

nor does it include the use of FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real, trauma and fear based mind control;

nor does it include special trade, agreements, memorandums or otherwise to enable, allow or augment foreign military personnel to be in Canada to protect their investments, or the selling out the country, industries, manufacturing or otherwise, or other negotiations and agreements with supra-national parliaments, assemblies, organizations or otherwise, especially those involved in, crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, debt based money, anti-nation state agendas, world government or other such incorrigible actions, attitudes, ideologies, plans, agreements, collaorateurs or conspiracy to defraud or engage in other actions;

nor does it include the use of military or police forces to back up a false super imposed narrative, the so called "Global Reset" foreign allegiance and control, one world government or otherwise, by aiding and abetting traitors to Canadians and Canada;

nor does it include the denial of property rights, private property rights, the corruption of the food supply with toxic chemicals, radiation, GMO - genetically modified organisms, contaminated atmosphere, air, including smart meters, microwave towers, cell phones that fragment DNA, and cause sexual and race genocide, brain damage, in addition to any and all types of cellular damage, bio-physical reactions, environments, processes, or otherwise, symptoms, the influence of an organisms ability to have healthy vitality and engage in reproducing the species or race, including family lines, this includes the super imposed 3G, 4G, 5G and other radio frequency technology, bio-weapons, including forced vaccination, chem trails, toxic chemical, toxic pesticides, toxic fertilizer or other products, such a glyphosate, atrazine, etc, fracking and the forced injection or dumping of toxic chemical into the the ground, gender bending and gender switching chemicals, toxic food, including toxic artifical flavour and colour, food fraud, un-ethical food processing, weather modification technology, medical tyrrany, the deployment or use of fear to control individuals, communities and populations;

nor does it include censoring the real facts and science about the 5G Coronavirus bio-weapon, and the illegal space based 5G technology weaponization, that can be "deployed" against people by "sociopaths, psycopaths or serial killers" in industry, military or government including any and all rogue or deep state agents, infiltrators, sabateurs and traitors, and with use of such censored bio-weapons to create real disease and death to blame it on so called "covid-19" or other virus or other problem, to enforce compliance by lock down, fear, medical tyrrany, any and all forms of suppression;

nor does it include GI, any entity, individual or private enterprise created cannabis or other materials, with GMO and nanotech, or the many neuro-toxins in vaping technology and practice, toxic anti-viral drugs or other toxic drugs, or the nearly 300 mental conditions that have no actual scientific test for, or those who suppress natural health remedies, proper nutrition and healthy environments;

nor does it include lobby groups who are engaged in crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality and any and all forces of economic influence, distortion or otherwise, for an "unequal playing field" also involved in the corruption of individuals, entities, organizations or otherwise, who may or may not need extra encouragement to be traitors against their own country, including the enforcement of illegal and unethical laws, replacing "whitey" with other financial, tax and regulatory incentives, with non white immigrants;

nor does it include rules, regulations, accords, agreements or otherwise, super imposed, from non Canadian Sovereign authority; including trade agreements or other agreements and agendas, the Peace, Order and Good Government does not include the illegal transfer of powers, or the allowance, enabling, augmentation or amplification of other foreign governments, constitutions, idelogies, agendas or otherwise, voter fraud, the use of electronic voting machines, technology or otherwise, mail in ballots, fraudulent and deceptive communications media;

nor does it include falsified definitions, bogus definitions such as "progressive" which is actually regressive or devolution, backwards, obsolete, genocidal, and constitutes liberalism, liberal fascist, globalism or other degenerate false values or no values, evil, immoral and not life respecting, nation state respecting, real family and true values respecting or anything else based on natural law and life;

nor does it include those who suppress and censor freedom of speech, including those involved or engaged in and collaborating, communicating and corresponding with with those "anti-hate speech efforts" and illegal "hate laws" and "hate law definitions" to super impose their will, their definitions, their judge, jury and executioner, which is from "not a real Canadian, or not real Canadian values", or true values, or those who rewrite, change, modify, initiate, propose, forward or engage in other clever, deceitful and detrimental actions against real Canadians, including those who correspond in any and all aspects of "the Truth" including other versions of history, including the refute or non-agreement to conform to a certain "official narrative" or include historical revisionism, or "new interpretation of history and events, detrimental, derogatory, deceitful, negative or otherwise concerning the founding people of Canada, regrdless of space time events, chartacter or otherwise, it is what it is…and any and all forms of crime, treason and genocide against the founding people are unacceptable;

nor does it include the concepts of "systemic racism" "privilege" or "White guilt" and for all those who feel so hard done by, can give up all their "White man technology" "white man institutions" such as educational (often weaponized by traitors, infiltraitors, sabateurs, collaborateurs, insurrectionists, foreigns and not real Canadians or not real Canadian values, or not true values based individuals, entities, organizations or otherwise), government, financial, transportation, which is mostly everything on the planet;

nor does it include a government spending money all over the world, financing the enemy, enemy infrastructure including industrial infrastructure or otherwise, that can be utilized against Canada and Canadians, industry, enterprise, individuals or other entities, or the use of Pension Funds around the world un accountable and detrimental to Canada;

nor does it include foreign, not real Canadians, buying up our gas stations, land, reources or other assets, or forced ethnic integration into our private enterprise;

nor does it include the restriction on the right to have and bare arms, or the right to self defence, including citizen militias, constitutional militias as is possible with self government, which may work with military and law enforcement for proper peace, order and good government and responable citizens ready, willing and able to defend their family, community, enterprise and country;

nor does it include people with questionable character and loyalty or foreign allegiance to be integrated in national security entities, defence, communication or financial or other industrial enterprise, establisment or organization;

nor does it include any coup d'etat, oppression or tyrrany by any and all enemies foreign and domestic, subversion, insurrection, treason, actions that increase national security risks, including the transfer, acquisition or theft of defence technology, intel or otherwise, or actions relevant to invasion, or other migration, immigration, asylum, work and student visa, resident schemes, population replacement, or the tolerance of individuals that are real national security threats to Canada, including those who are not fit or disqualified from proper defence of Canada, including those with "religious" backgrounds whose sworn oath and duty is against us, with actions that constitute open genocide, warfare and death, in addition to other actions of crime, treason, immorality and destruction;

You can read, "The War against the family" and certainly one is being written now about the War Against Free Enterprise and continue to expand on that, aka, "Faith, Family, Freedom and Free Enterprise". War and genocide against the individual, family, enterprise and industry based on taxation or other detrimental "regulations", "laws" and "illegal laws"

Self governent for peace, order and good government requires character, ethics, morality, even righteousness, that is, conduct that is right. That is where we get the idea of superior moral law, combined with Parliamentary genius of the British North America Act of 1867.

Self government does not include all kinds of other nationalities, who high jack our Canadian identification with their shiny new badge of citizenship, with allegiance to a foreign criinal agency, a government masquerading as a religion or political party, ideoplogy, agenda or otherwise, to lord it over us, with the background in, crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality and pre-existing allegiance.

Self government definition: look into this yourself, you may be surprised, as if you do not organize yourself and govern your self, someone else might, and you may not like it, in fact, you may be dead…poisoned, in debt, enslaved, sick or diseased, discriminated against, beat down, humiliated, oppressed, defrauded and denied work, business or other fundamental rights, denied credit, financing or other opportunities …and then eventially deal, after being raided, with all your money, assets and power in some diabolical "wealth restribution scam" aka crime, treason, genocide, war, immorality, sickness, debt and so on, since the list is long, we hope you get the main idea….

For real Canadians, and other people...just so you know...

Freedom of choice, please pick one….
you can:

Yield to peace, order and good government
(1867 Confederation - British North America Act)
Legal and lawful


Die from crime, treason, genocide and war…
1982 Constitution