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Certainly your magnitude of awareness and determination to rectify things, to undo the damage and be extremely motivated to do something as an individual that makes all the difference can increase. It is important to go beyond the tradition victimization problem that leads to engineered or other solutions that take away more freedom from the individual, and proceed directly to create and build something new with your freedom and infinite imagination, way beyond what you presently are aware of now.

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Awesome Canadian investigative journalism from the pre-eminent source concerning the only LEGAL - British North America Act of 1867 versus the ILLEGAL Canadian Constitution of 1982, find out about Peace, Order and Good Government for the Union of Canada versus the Crime, Treason, Genocide, War and Immorality of super imposed Liberalism & Globalism : Canada - How the Communists Took Control
- An incredible degree of research and resources concerning tragic and traumatic events of crime, genocide and treason against Canada and Canadians on an unparalleled and unprecedented scale. You will never look at people in government the same again. Shocking no doubt, only matched by the revelation of the fantastic effort to censor the real news and hide the evil committed by guilty people. : expanded perspective and awareness from another dedicated, courageous person who has the integrity and tenacity to express something very important... : The Story of Treason in Ottawa : Amazing & - the official legal challenge to the North American Union

Checkout : in case you don't already know… : site officiel de la Fédération des Québecois de souche Immigration Watch Canada

Comprehensive and Advanced Research
on "Crime, Treason, Genocide, War and Immorality" in Canada for real education and awareness

Discover the Protocols

Clear and present Danger:

Evidence is not a crime, hiding or destroying evidence is…

Multiculturalism is illegal…

Eliminating the Treason Act was an act of Treason…

Find out about the crime, treason, genocide and war against Canada and real Canadian founding people, with the 1974 changes to the Bank of Canada…

check out also, in case you are wondering if anyone is doing anything…

Find out how Immigration and Citizenship highjacks real Canadian identity with fraudulent anti nation state globalist agendas.

Very informative and useful eh? or

for something totally awesome…. the next King of the UK…
How will His Excellency deal with the previous crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality and all that happened since, what appears to be a Royal fraud, an illegal Costitution of 1982 against the only legitimate British North America Act of 1867..stay tuned…even though a lot of real news, truth and real history is censored, there is more… some of the most awesome investigative journalism in the world… & - In God We Trust - God Bless America, Amen : Alain Soral, président de l’association Égalité et Réconciliation - le patriote français; :
American Renaissance - An interesting American point of view on race, diversity, problems and a new direction for America. We really hope the Americans can turn it around, as their country has also been sabotaged with super imposed genocide and war...related to globalism, proxy wars and imperialism...

It is remarkable how in America, like Canada, we have both experienced an incredible degree of crime, fraud, genocide and treason with massive fundamental changes to our founding law and Constitution over a considerable time period that is in fact a very hateful war against freedom, the individual, nation state sovereignty, national economics, founding principals, morality, character, family, free enterprise and faith or religion. Now, can you spot the enemy? Or shall we point it out to you? We know you are plenty smart to figure it out, right?

GlobalResearch - yes, extremely interesting “Global Exchange is an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic and environmental justice around the world.”

Red Ice Radio - another perspective in alternate news and independent journalism and reporting. :
the most brilliant work promoting the individual, freedom, creative imagination and make your desires fact in the world...alternate reality Jon Rappoport, Exit from the Matrix, The Matrix Revealed and much more...for the transformation of consciousness and reality way beyond anything you can possibly imagine now. Unparalleled work for super intelligence, super-awareness, super-achievement and full of surprises, priceless.

Join, get involved, learn, grow, donate, add to the quality of life, transform your world now is that amazing or what? - the 5G Apocalypse

google is commonly mispronounced by virtually everyone… and the real word is googol as in googolplex, a counterfeit word, real propaganda with counterfeit news, counterfeit names and identity, counterfeit law super imposed government, counterfeit history and culture…

Use duckduckgo and think for yourself eh!

check out

Corona virus is a bioweapon…no kidding

also see Jon Rappoports' website….with more investigative journalism

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