Government, personnel and political party integrity should focus on Canada first,
the ideal of Peace, Order and Good Government. There is no provision for such genocide, treason and sabotage in Confederation whatsoever. This includes massive transformation of our fundamental values, demographics, history and future.

Confederation is clear and it is time to review it, safeguard and practice it, not ignore it and destroy it, or let someone else do the crime of total treason. Personal character disclosure and national critical analysis and review is essential for operational integrity. Of course all kinds of people can infiltrate, subvert or destroy a political party or governing entity, history is full of that. Change a name, bogus definitions, laws that are against the law, not to mention totally stupid, the list goes on and on.

Things in Canada could be a lot better than what they are now. We have a foundation to build on...The Confederation of 1867, the British North America Act - the only valid and legitimate law, or is there something more and a lot better?

The Constitution of 1982 is illegal and a crime against Canada and the founding people of Canada.

In addition, all the other crimes that follow that, with the corresponding actions enforced and super imposed on Canada that are contrary, illegal, invalid, unethical and against nation state sovereignty and the founding people, are also totally unacceptable.

There can be no superior law to what was established with the British North America Act of 1867. This includes trade deals, foreign entities, agreements, tribunal, unelected or otherwise non-Canadian entities, agreements, and certainly anything that reduces or impairs, diminishes, neutralized, thwarts, dissuades, or threatens in any way the independence of Canada and the founding people, the nation state sovereignty that has been created by those actions.

The previous Pierre Trudeau Liberalism government elimination of the Treason Act is an act of treason. Why was this done? Obvious to commit treason and not suffer the penalty which would otherwise be due, in essence to make treason not treason, even though it really is treason, obviously.

All the people who aided in the process or actions or did nothing are traitors also. The Solicitor General, (who was not a real Canadian) who was unfit to govern due to the breech of trust and pre-existing allegiance, whose so called oath of allegiance to Canada is a fraud and invalid, who did not utilize the RCMP to investigate and the legal infrastructure that did not rectify the crimes are also guilty of treason.

Since the RCMP likes good intel, the facts, in addition to exercising power and authority to fulfill the Mission, something from someone in law enforcement : also has that intel

So we have treason against Canada and Canadians, notwithstanding the nature of the New Westminster Statute etc, or the essence of the British North America Act…and then of course if swearing allegiance to a foreign criminal agency or entity (criminal being; crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality) is the reality of it all, the Confederation itself is obsolete and backwards…but of course if the foreign allegiance was to actually a good King, a righteous King, then that would be different, right?

How about the truth, the real facts and history? A bogus fraudulent "not a real country" or something else? &

So who is going to fix it now? Who will try to stop it from being fixed now? Do you think a treasonous terrorist lover will fix it? Eh?

If you look at the legal legitimate British North America Act of 1867, as a point of reference and jurisdiction, concerning the division of powers and corresponding authority, the illegal coup d'etat of the 1982 Consititution, certainly does not work according the the nation building foundation and principles of the British North America Act of 1867.

Also one parliament cannot bind a successor parliament, or abrogate and derogte with the corresponding transfer of power to the supreme court, which is the case now, and for all the "Wisdom and Power and Knowledge of the Law" isn't it amazing there is nobody in the Suprement Court who will give that up, something from the proceeds of Crime, Treason, Genocide, War and Immorality". Amazing how we can use a court order to stop the illegal transfer of power to the Supreme Court, people who think the 1982 Constitution is legal when it is not. Contempt of the Court? How about contempt of the British North America Act of 1867 ? Or contempt for the founding people of Canada, which has to put up with the endless war against Whitey, and specically the founding people, and all the time, straight white people…

What is an example of illegal binding a successor Parliament? Trade deals, like CETA, NAFTA (ALENA) etc, that has been twenty years, (and no peaking as we plunder your country, like all globalist anti nation state traitors do). Thanks for being a stupid Canadian, corrupt with no vision, and not control over their mass media run by a bunch of (non-Canadian founding people) control freaks who like to censor, write endless opinion pieces, engage in proganda and the general debasement of society. (Protocols anyone?)

As far as we know it is the Solicitor General with the administrative authority, and we hope this is done in the context of peace, order and good government in accordance with Confederation and all provisions that is legal. If Canada didn’t import so many criminals, we would not have as many problems as we do, as the criminals and traitors here already are bad enough. When you have a Solicitor General who tells the RCMP tp seal the documents and not prosecute communists, homosexuals, traitors, spies and other criminals, who are all national security risks, to basically stand down and not do their job, this was and is a problem.

Please review Confederation of 1867, the British North America Act, you will find that multiculturalism, immigration invasion to commit genocide against and to displace the founding people at which is primarily from France and the UK is not authorized, neither is the Constitution of 1982, please see :

Of course if the Solicitor General has been, is now, or in the future may be compromised as a non Canadian, a non-European Canadian founding nation people, communist, globalist or otherwise anti-Canadian, or those whose allegiance is to a foreign government masquerading as a religion, or anti-nation state sovereignty, or against the defence of Canada and Canadian values, corresponding national, civil and personal defence, we have a problem, and more so if those who are entrusted to serve and protect are themselves likewise compromised, and if those who realize their error and do nothing to change, or do anything about others who are compromised, then we also have a problem.

You can always review really excellent and courageous investigative work at: - Confederation 1867 vs illegal 1982 Constitution

For real Canadians, and other people...just so you know...

And now, the best for last, since corrupt people everywhere are basically incorrigible, political parties are based on crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality against Canada and the founding people, including the lawful British North America Act of 1867.

We need a new governing political party that restores the real Peace, Order and Good Government, with the British North America Act of 1867. The illegal Constitution of 1982, which was not signed by Quebec, and was signed by the provinces who were deceived by the Trudeau Government Liberal Party, and are the real separatists. Additionally, the changes to the banking in 1974, led to record debt and interest, as before Canada had next to no debt, and now most debt is from compound interest that is paid throught to the international money lenders since the genocide government insists on creating debt currency by treasury bonds and not real money, so with interest payments typically about $65 billion a year and another $35 billion going to immigrants, refugees, migrants etc (see immigrationwatch) (that we know of, not counting free houses) that is a lot of aggravation not too mention it is
. an invoice for "Crime, Treason, Genocide, War & Immorality" … do you get it now?

In the case of unsuccessful Mission tasking of establishing a new governing political party that restores the real Peace, Order and Good Government, with the British North America Act of 1867, we have another options and alternate future….

Totally awesome news… the next King of the UK…

How will His Excellency deal with the previous crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality and all that happened since, what appears to be a Royal fraud, an illegal Costitution of 1982 against the only legitamate British North America Act of 1867..stay tuned…even though a lot of real news, truth and real history is censored, there is more…

So understanding how the Royal family is a royal fraud and not royal at all, and that someone else should be there and will be there, all this fiasco with the illegal Constitution of 1982, (diversity is a code word for white genocide) that is utilized to commit the Crime, Treason, Genocide, War and Immorality, it is no wonder that happened, in addition to what happened in the UK against the common UK nationals, enterprise, industry, the inventive engeering and manufacturing class, and the massive Euro problems, and certainly the Labour party didn't help exept finally to Brexit, bravo.