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Bank of England has to say about money creation.

We wonder what the Governor Mark Carney thinks about all that. Of course we do have some really good idea, from what he says about the payments system. Yes, keep the money rolling even if there are some fluctuations in financial institution stability, yes, maybe “step away” from all that derivative high stakes extremely leverage garbage financial instruments (Are we still around 720 trillion, 6,000x than all the money in the world, over margin gambled ?) Does that say it in a way that you understand?

Actually many people do know what is going on, all that and more thanks to positivemoney.org. The idea is not new. Say “Yes” debt free sovereign money, duh, what a great idea, except that means more common wealth for the Commonwealth, more creativity, more imagination, more freedom, more wealth, more opportunity.

On behalf of the King of the UK...something you should read...

Infidels, riffraff, criminals, invaders, people with no manners and juvenile delinquents in charge? or;

Patriots, nationalist, citizens, people with tradition, honour, valour, integrity, a sense of purpose, vision, unity and destiny? How about pedigree? You know, good family characteristics. Hmmm, ya, that’s a tough one eh?

Leaving Europe is a really good thing. Of course you can continue and get totally defrauded, stripped of assets, power, glory, sovereignty, wealth, patents, industries, companies, jobs and a few other things you might prize. You can regroup, re-organise and massively amplify financial power with real M1 money, yes, I think that is what we call it, basically real tangible money, money that buys real goods and services. That is not inflation, taxes and interest creates inflation, people bidding up the prices of stuff causes inflation, what happens when there are multiple offers on a house, another bidding war, that causes inflation.

You can disagree with all the technical intellectual scatological arguments and definitions about what inflation is, but essentially, the price is going up and up. Yes, it is true the money does not buy what it used to, right. Now why is that? Are people not willing to work for so little because things cost so much? Hmmm. You obviously know what is going on with house prices in your neighbourhood, right?

Commonwealth and sovereignty with Canada, or common poverty and no sovereignty with Europe?

Of course, perhaps someone with real power, influence and authority in the UK can help us against the mutual enemy that attacks nation state sovereignty, with armies of obscene immigration, treason without limits and the daily allowance of the ammunition of economic genocide and stupid government regulations. After all, it is in your best interest, right?

Who do you know in Canada that really truly cares about the UK or Canada itself?

Of course you might not care to have strategic capabilities in time of need, or the kind of wealth and resources to help rebuild the empire, treasury reserves based on much more than gold, silver and banknotes, something much more like metals, minerals and vast resources, but not to sell out to foreigners like the Metals Exchange...you could be smarter, a lot smarter, right? By the way, you don’t need to steal it, defraud anyone with clever paper, transactions, tax it to oblivion and expropriation, you can do it all legit, you know, squeaky clean. This can be difficult to change, especially having a license to steal or do anything else like that business as usual, but to change, grow, excel and exercise the right kind of character is infinitely worthwhile, it will be great for personal and national self-esteem. If we are lucky, we can do a lot more than steam punk, right.

Would you consider debt free money, getting rid of compound interest or anything like that? If you did, could this not be conveniently arranged, but if you prefer you can choose debt and interest payments forever...your empire will be reduced to rubble. You don’t need to read any more future news, remote viewing, time travel or astral travel, it really is quite simple.

Now to choose independence is a really good idea. You certainly don’t want to just disappear into oblivion, do you? At least it is a brilliant idea to leave the Euro mess. To leave those who would render you to the ashes of history is pro-active to say the least. Pip Pip bravo.

It is remarkable it took this long to realize foreigners would reduce you to mere peasants who had it all with the Sovereignty of Commonwealth and lost it all to common poverty, debt, euro crime, being defrauded of awesome providence, prosperity and destiny, enslaved to some other jurisdiction, with some really stupid and totally discriminatory rules and endless bogus regulations...

Of course the Labor Party and subsequent destruction of engineering genius, industry and management, did not help did it, all that enterprise nationalisation, eh, huh, what’s that you say. No, it is not time for another pint, we have serious work to do.

With all being subservient to foreign regulations, as in ‘yes master’ with an agenda to completely destroy you, along with the nation state, like us, because we allowed the stupidity of liberalism, globalism, treason and genocide to destroy every thing good, beautiful and great, we tolerated and compromised something dedicated to destroy us. Yes, we are so tolerant.

Yes, We are so tolerant to put up with arrogant self righteous demon possessed traitors. People that would and do ruin the nation with their social engineering, their financial destruction, their total warfare and genocide campaign against the family, faith, freedom and free enterprise. People that ruin the world with their GMO, toxic chemicals, endless endocrine disruptors and everything else to end life. What a bunch of garbage eh. What do you do with that, incinerate it at extremely high temperatures?

Since, by the way, when are you supposed to be playing by somebody else’s rules, except from God? It was never complicated, 10 basic commandments, not suggestions, ideas, theories or anything like that, or bogus trade deals thousands of pages long, for something totalitarian, undemocratic, cruel, enslaving, to bury in debt beyond measure, burdened with liabilities and having to put up with a bunch of insolent cry baby wimps because their feelings are hurt, someone got in their way of them making all that money. All at the expense of environmental destruction, genocide and terraforming events.

You know the routine, right. Yes, destroy nation state sovereignty, compromise everyone, drugs, alcohol problems, corruption, state propaganda and mass media, dumbed down mind control super imposed genocide culture masquerading as education. Yes, these are tough and annoying questions and comments, right?

You, like us, can choose something more awesome, visionary, to learn, grow, excel and do the right thing. We can re-invent our world, we can choose a higher more noble path, of excellence, an advanced civilization with spiritual foundations of a superior moral code, engineered and built without compromise...performance, durability, integrity and quality, both physical and meta-physical. Yes, that’s a lot it may seem, but basic really when you look at it simply, right and wrong, wise and unwise.

You, like us, can go forward as brothers, the same historical and legendary nation, as the modern nation now as we recognize our roots and forge a common destiny, something without equal in the history of the world.

Furthermore, on the other side of the ocean note, Canada is way bigger than Europe in case you forgot or didn’t study geography...

Is it not true that England has done a lot of world trade? Certainly as world trade experts, a massive contribution to say the least, and you worry about economic prospects and trade after choosing to leave the Euro, something designed to destroy nation state sovereignty, freedom and prosperity, amazing.

Or, are you aware how much that the UK helped promote advanced civilization? Go back in time shall we, perhaps with the good Doctor, the Lord of time...maybe a time machine of some sort, surely that can’t be too difficult, after all multi-dimensional physics and the 12 Maxwell equations, machinery design, metalwork, advanced materials and manufacturing, electrical and electronic engineering, fractions and serious number crunching should be part of a healthy childhood, right?

While we are at it, let’s add a good background in engineering and manufacturing of air and space craft, marine craft, automotive vehicles, woodworking, stuff like that, and life will be more interesting, right? Nothing quite like Wadkin machinery is there?

You do have schools right? A place to excel with technical genius, crafty inventive and brilliant design elements, something truly awesome, real education, a place to learn, grow explore, engage and promote inquisitive nature, to learn, to do and to be all that we can. The individual, free, unchained, empowered, en route to generosity of purposeful bestowel to the world, one thing, many things, everyday genius, free.

Shall we start with a differential engine? Don’t forget about gardening, true pruning, cutting the grass, an environment that super charges imagination. Yes, the goddess, she is there...but wait, fractions, frozen moments of time, geometry, crystals, facets of infinity in the palm of your hand, your minds eye, worlds unknown, reach for it, it is yours, you have it in your power, right now, providence, aaah.

Yes, what is written here may be scandalous, but since I was voted most down to earth and always the most effective speech, my tasking was kicked up a notch or two. This is a very humbling experience, and completely unlike anything you may have or I ever imagined. The responsibility is immense, the task is beyond the magnitude of the closest star. My friends from Oxford, Cambridge and the School of Economics, will be glad to know, I will make it easy for them. No sweat, no worries, no problem. The credit and the cash is shared, and as someone we all know once said, “It’s impossible, but doable”. I don't have friends like that, do I?

So now we will play a new game, with new operating parameters, a new constellations of elements, an experiment in space time, applied mathematics, any kid should be able to do it. Some clever person will run this through a super computer, maybe decypher the secret vaults of time, discover the unlock code, activate the multi-dimensional meta-physics key, enter a new code, build a new machine, create a new alternate reality, hmmm...poof.

So of course, to snap you out of your everyday trance and coma, evidently it is useful to be commenting on something volatile, mundane and annoying, perspective, eye opening something that hits and goes to the heart of the matter. Are you intrigued? OK.

Playing with somebody else piece of garbage cell phone will not do it, to say the least, it is a drug and distraction, something that causes brain cancer, it is very bad for the balls, the DNA, all the microwave garbage, wifi, towers, bad, very bad. Are you annoyed yet? Can’t give up the cell phone? Don’t believe it is serious? Who needs it anyway, throw it out or take the hammer to it, it will be fun...the next thing will be the genocide war machine cell phone towers. Where are those anonymous guys now when you need them eh...once upon a time there was a hacker...freedom at last. Aahh.

A Phd from the Faculty of Individual Creative Imagination, should be easily attainable at a very young age, unless of course we have that dumb down propaganda machine enforcer... you know, counterfeit education and a super imposed culture of genocide, immorality, stupidity and laziness...yes, forget about the Phd., but remember, you don’t need to apologize for being brilliant, clever, inventive, courageous, a risk taker or anything like that. Run with it, express the best of who you are.

What about all the awesome inventions, the steam age, textiles and machinery, the Crystal Palace, the foundries of casting and forging, steel making, electro-mechanical marvels and genius of machinery engineering, shipping, rail, aircraft, the transportation for the world of possibility? What about all that? Quality Street and All sorts? Look & Learn magazine...Oh yes, now we are talking eh?

You, like us, can choose our own debt free money system, or continue with enforced systematic economic and national genocide? Do you even know about PositiveMoney.org? Hmmm, how remarkable is that? Freedom and prosperity or debt, slavery and poverty? You did not expect that did you?

We can have continued genocide by the Liberal Party and the Labor Party, socialists, traitors, saboteurs and all that, or build something with the founding principals that made a nation great, awesome, incredible...a super power. Another tough question, how are we doing now, eh?

Yes, we know, these are tough questions eh? Maybe reforming education that is useful for nation building would be a good idea, you know, individual creativity, pro family, free enterprise, freedom, true values and exceptional opportunities, notwithstanding all the riffraff that is the official or unofficial opposition that grinds down society into oblivion with there dysfunctional view and morality...

Many countries have problems with citizens, those that are getting drunk and doing drugs like no tomorrow, ruining body mind and soul and avoiding personal responsibility. Why? Is being chained and enslaved with corrupt bodies, minds and soul better? No, it is not. Is a genocide lifestyle better? No, it is not. Getting drunk does not help resilience does it? No, certainly not.

Queen and country then? No, the Queen will need a lot more than a nation of drunks, socialised to extinction and too emaciated to pull up the boot straps, or much more like doing the math, geometry, building things, engineering and manufacturing, stuff like that. how are we doing now? Do we still have your attention? Good, maybe more gooder, splendid by the white cliffs of Dover, just splendid. How about a King, Kingdom, character, true values, truth stranger than fiction, how about that? Are you up to excellency of power, dignity, stabilty, mobility, agility, real nobility, Knights in service to the King. Do more than drink stout and throw darts.

Does the practice of uncontrolled genocide immigration policies, getting rid of guns so crime escalates and tragedy beyond measure results that explodes exponentially, work for you? No, that doesn’t work does it. NO, this calls for discipline, self control, self management, precision, like throwing some darts bang on, you know, being in your game. Why not get deputized and weaponised and have open season on the immigrant invaders who only want to kill you, pip pip, cheer up!

What about all that gambling? What happened to work, investing your profit, expanding business, research and development, strategic endeavours and risk taking based on confidence, genius or faith? Why not plan and work that plan, steady, focused, disciplined, real ethics, industriousness, self-sacrifice, vision for the long term with new wealth creation? Yes, steady now, focus...focus...are you with me? Are you with me? Good, now you need to know that the enemy is invisible…

What about contributions to entrepreneurial and enterprise infrastructure? There are plenty ways to kick it up to something a lot more interesting, productive, creative and profitable so all can benefit, not at the expense of one, some, with great risk, or extreme profits at the expense of others.

So, when there is no vision, purpose or national dream, not even personal, it is beyond comprehension, when so many awesome things are possible. When people choose and glorify a national and personal disgrace, lies, treason, irresponsible actions, dishonest business, self-centredness, crime and fraud, this is not a good thing, it will self destruct completely, it is not nation building. You really ought to prepare to make war with the beast…

Equality does not start with massive taxation for the masses on one side and zero tax and no responsibility on the other. Disenfranchising citizens and subjects is not a way to ensure basic mission tasking never mind enthusiastic co-operation to redevelop and rebuild the national dream, the empire and have a focused, competent and dedicated work force is it? What about the money supply? What about positivemoney.org? Truth, freedom and high powered real money, does that interest you? Eh? Come on then, pick up the pace.

Is turning around from the road of destruction and building great things together like a future of unlimited and awesome potential, something so bold and visionary it would be incredibly awesome to the entire world, is that something more interesting, exciting, full of intrigue? Now that’s what I’m talking about! What about you? If you can barely look beyond your cell phone, it is time to smash it completely, as you are not free and brain cancer will consume you as you are hypnotised into doing nothing, powerless, no reaction, void of initiative, endeavour, drive and ambition...asleep at the wheel, if you don’t believe it, look around and see what you notice...yes, how annoying to say that...that is so...

It is time to build an alternate reality, from the foundries of brilliant creative imagination, something so incredible awesome that life will never be the same again. Everything here, applies to Canada, just as well. After all, it should only be someone British or real UK to be a mayor of London, a patriot, a nationalist, not a wimp, not a traitor, not someone with allegiance to somewhere else. It should be obvious the Liberalism multicultural anti nation state sovereignty super imposed enforced genocide against British and UK nationals is a lot of bullshit, right. No sense deceiving yourselves or be deceived by some liberal fascist globalist news media, right?

In Canada, We are experiencing total treason from people in government concerning CETA, globalism and all that rot. This also means government sponsored treason against what should be, a sovereign jurisdiction, amazing but true. Obviously, if this isn’t important to someone with real power, then maybe we don’t need a wannabe either, after all why should we have nation state sovereignty reduced to rubble, why enforced genocide, why globalism and total genocide and treason? After all, Brexit is a choice point, creating an alternate time line, a better one, much better, like splendid, wouldn’t you say?

Double plus good is reserved for juvenile delinquents. Political maturity amplified with economic and industrial engineering genius is reserved for the brave. The ascendence of the individual and creative imagination is where the action is.

Maybe you could help us out a little, if not, we will know where you stand, simple. Traitors, rogues and riff raff in government, or, someone with ideals, true values, intelligent patriotism, physical and moral courage, valour, fortitude, doing what is right, wise, infinitely better, good for the soul, the nation, community and family. You decide, you have 5 seconds...

Yes the world waits for our brilliant Prime Minister, the Liberal team without equal, yes, they are so balanced with ethnicity, gender, language, yes they are so together, finally, aah yes it’s 2015, now 2020, do you want to know what total treason looks like?

CETA the Canada Europe Trade Agreement. You would have to be a demon possessed genocide maniac traitor to promote that, write it or sign it. Why? The unconstitutional, illegal, immoral and unethical transfer of Parliamentary powers!!!

Whoaa! Who would dare to end nation state sovereignty? Eh What will you tell the King of an empire, a commonwealth of nations (replaced with common poverty and no true values leading to extinction? Total treason by the Governor General of Canada, the Prime Minister, the MPs...what will anyone say? Do any of these people deserve to be there? Are we on our own? No problem!

What would you do, start a personal and collective massive class action lawsuit? Would you ask the most powerful, most influential
or the one with the most credentials or recognition, to look into it, maybe do something about it? Would that take a lot of courage? Or what that be just a small everyday task on your to do list?

Eh whitey, not all whiteys are good. Someone with Canadian citizenship derived and enabled from fraudulent, unethical changes to the Citizen and Immigration Act, someone with no real allegiance to Canada or a foreign power, but some other government, a government masquerading as a religion, is that OK? Do you really believe that is possible? You have seen it yourself. Yes, uncensored. Let’s see how long this lasts. Let’s see who has the ultimate power. We can review the Statute of Westminister, right? We can go back much further in time also...let’s see now...

From our point of view, we see the Americans destroy themselves, this is tragic and unbelievable...goodbye to the principals that made them great, one nation under God, In God we trust...once upon a time, they had debt free money, things were better, the commonwealth, America, before it was ruined by sociopaths and other infidels. Even the Constitutional Militia is not really doing what it is supposed to be doing, is it?

Do you ever wonder what the Americans will do about the Public Banking Institute the state provisions for creating money, do you wonder what they will do when more find out about what really happened with the money system, the mass genocide that is going on in America, do you think they will wipe out these cell phone towers, kick off the drugs, get rid of gmo, do you think that they will do anything different? What ever they do, we will have to deal with it. The election, yes, not once will you hear Made in USA, or Made with Pride in America! Have you heard that? Nuke Monsanto anyone? Or just vapourize it a little bit, isn’t it after all a satanic company? That is what we heard in England. Putin might, after all no GMO means no GMO, right? Trump never talked much about, but the question is, will he be presidential or more like a puppet? Will he do a tactical withdrawal of the American empire of bases or more direct or proxy warfare? Will he really help rebuild America or will he let it be fracked to death, polluted completely and then submerged in the ocean, or will he intercede for the people with the real super power? Probably someone somewhere knows something, right?

Do you believe Trump will deal with the Federal Reserve without bankrupting America? Or maybe go ahead make my day, with debt free Treasury Notes, like previously done by Lincoln and Kennedy and face the music? Most likely he read about Ron Paul and his brilliant ideas for economic transformation, but what about positivemoney.org? Do you think he or anyone has a clue about what is going on in the UK. Do you want to place a bet Trump will still not be allowed in Scotland, or that it the golf course will be terraformed just a little bit by a wee scotty? Joking aside, these are serious issues. Not like new securities issues mind you, transfer pricing, or writing off billions in expenses, captive expense and leasing accounts and companies, well that is just Trump change isn’t it. Maybe take out the liabilities by the trillions let’s say, yes, that is more up to speed, right then. He might even end up on the money, coins for instance. They are legal, right? Maybe the people will do it for him, no more executive orders.

Let’s get back to Construction, that UK construction magazine is really awesome.

From all of us who care, as if there is anything possible that we could do for the well being and prosperity of Canada and the Commonwealth, we would do it, and we can do much more than we are, we can be doing the best we can and express the best of who we are. The UK, well let’s see now, take another step in the right direction. Remember when there was a lot of things Made in England? We are promoting Made in Canada and Product of Canada, obviously globalism related industrial economic warfare has done a lot of damage to our countries...this must end.

PS I know some of this might be controversial, too bad, it may even get someone to respond, maybe somebody actually reads here, surprise surprise, no sexy marketing, just simple ideas, why and why not. After all, if you knew someone was out to totally destroy your country, values and what you thought was important, what would you do?

If you knew that your government agents and political parties were all high jacked and going in the wrong direction, what would you do?

If you could trust yourself, would you make friends and allies, work to build great things together?

Is something uncensored, bold and brilliant your cup of tea? Is something normal like traditional of special interest to you?

Since you must know that traditional is not really radical, like all the really radical stuff that is super imposed on our countries with their statement that traditional is radical, what do you recommend?

Know that being engaged in mass immigration to wipe out whitey, end nation state sovereignty, divide and conquer, distract and disarm, any and all types of genocide and warfare is going on right now is hazardous to our health, what would you do?

Whoa, backup, go back in time...move in time...that’s it, the golden age...just hold that idea and vision a little longer...you will have just realised that you just downloaded and activated something into your brain, in your body mind energy field, into your heart and soul, something that is one of the most powerful things on the planet...it is so powerful in fact......

Someone is looking forward to your response…and then play some golf…throw some darts, have a pint…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsVzDf-KhXU or
https://www.kingof.uk & https://positivemoney.org

remember, Find out what the
Bank of England has to say about money creation, knowing & doing is evidently different…

Checkout :
https://milnerfabianconspiracy.wordpress.com in case you don't already know…