Treasury Reserves

Yes, Treasury Reserves backed up by all kinds of metals, minerals, resources and otherwise in raw and semi-processed state. Money does not need to be backed by gold, or exclusively gold. The options are quite remarkable, all of them better than electronic debt money creation.

We will expand on this is greater detail, but just so you know, awesome things are possible. You will never hear the bogus arguments of so called inflationary fiat money again that is being produced by banks, and lied about through the mass media and sponsored by those that are against nation state sovereignty.

Additionnaly, this gets around the reality of grand theft bullion, other interesting transactions and you know, power crazy people with gold obsessions and control freak agendas, and those who worry that debt currencies will actually crash and become worthless, even though they are globalised extracting vast sums of physical currency from target coutries with clever compound interest schemes and other fine banking arrangements that lead to industrial economic cultural and total genocide…

So, debt free money of free individuals or the currency of slaves, choose now.