Canada POGG (Peace, Order & Good Government) - Tax & Revenue

The existing tax legislation appears anti-family, anti-wealth, anti-private enterprise, discriminating and not in conformance with the idea of equality. Additionally, the practice of defrauding citizens is a criminal act and not civilized behaviour whatsoever. Now a simple proposal of relevant and useful options can be implemented easily:

zero inheritance tax : no deemed disposition, or greed, wealth and asset confiscation by government sponsored crime, or problems with people who hate families, family enterprise, sound economics and old fashioned inter-generational wealth building principals.

The anti-family anti-wealth agenda is promoted by common poverty, not the commonwealth, it is unconstitutional, equality by poverty is not equality, you know people that want you to always start with nothing, end up with nothing and have nothing, except for themselves of course.

In case you did not know that the government uses false untrue definitions for fraudulent tax purposes (the claim that there is no inheritance tax), a sale transaction happens with offer and acceptance, right, not death and transfer of title or property, deemed a disposition or sale of assets, where no money actually takes place, in case you didn’t know or don’t believe in re-incarnation or multiple lifetimes, or maybe lost your faculties except for having a clever person hypnotize you when you are incapable of looking after your affairs (you could get brain damage from watching modern TV programs also of course), so yeah, this must change, it will change only with a pro-Canada approach where honesty and integrity is essential, not spy and crime, defrauding and discriminate with an exponential agenda of treason and genocide. Look at the evidence.

Now let’s go back to hitting the nail on the head, shall we. This includes the right to private property, yes, what governments don’t want you to have. This was in a previous Canadian constitution and was removed, believe or not, this was in the previous governing party of the Conservative Constitution, of course, nothing was done. This must change.

zero capital tax : create investment, jobs, wealth, revenues, an economic industrial engine.

Review of inter-governmental property tax regulations & school tax, yes, more comprehensive mechanics...

Import counter-measures : yes that’s right

Foreign ownership counter-measures : yes, we like things more Canadian eh! Obviously the government does not.

Strategic & Tactical pro-active initiatives for all industries : do we have a surprise for you...

National and Self-sufficiency : basic economics anyone? Produce what you need, produce a surplus, stockpile, sell or trade the surplus, simple, get it?

Cancel compound interest, restore real M1 money and proper money creation, capital reserves, revenue streams and national and provincial & territory dividends;

Obviously, cancelling the compound interest that constitutes about 95% of Canada national debt is a good start, along with actually financing products and services real M1 money creation through the Bank of Canada. With the awesome wealth of Canada, there is no reason to not have debt free interest free currency.

Of course if you like endless debt, interest payment, nation state genocide, common poverty, being defrauded from the future or the quality of life that would otherwise be yours, or to be simply frustrated with the inability to make real tangible measurable progress concerning your hopes, dreams, plans and vision, then you most likely will never exercise personal responsibility to be pro-active, maybe join a useful political party or transform your government into something more Canadian, and promote the Bank of Canada real money creation capabilities as a fundamental part of their vision.

If you are really daring you could be a pro-active candidate, help others join, spread the good news and make other valuable contributions with your enthusiasm and bright ideas for nation building.

There are people that will never vote, and certainly not join a political party, they will simple not exercise their Constitutional right. Complain yes, offer something better and contribute to a solution like that, no. So we have a bit of a problem, understandably so, unfortunate without a doubt. People have been so annoyed with politics, but who has jumped in with both feet and hit the ground running on the most exciting and awesome opportunity for creating the alternate reality we all can have by choice? We offer something extra-ordinary...

If we consider tax, we must consider interest also. Do you know how much money is paid to whom on interest alone in Canada, and including provinces and territories? Are you prepared to be shocked, or do you prefer denial, not you don’t need to get excited and do something about it?

Do you prefer endless debt and interest, economic and industrial genocide and suicide, and the destruction of society. If so, perhaps you would like to be personally enslaved and in debt to a foreign porcupine, with attitude, like ouch, what a prick that would be. Lucky for you and all of us, we have a choice, we have options, we can make decisions with a vote of confidence and something pro-active, now isn’t that lucky?

Naturally, if you argue about these proposed options that can be enabled, or say that you believe in, approve and appreciate those solutions as more than just a good idea, we know exactly where you stand, we know exactly who your allegiance is to, we know exactly how smart you are or not, it really is simple. The question is, who do you honestly think would really propose those smart, credible and relevant nation transforming options and make it a reality, and who would not? Yes, that is a tough question, isn’t it?