Property Rights

Rights & Responsibilities : private property rights - criteria

Do you know how many provinces and territories voted against having property rights in the Constitution or Bill of Rights?

Do you know that this was previously included and is not now? Why is that?

Is the unlimited power to tax, control, expropriate, alienate or otherwise so important?

Is it so necessary because of basic mismanagement and the policy of economic industrial nation state genocide?

Is it to greatly restrict the accumulation of wealth, or to retaliate against those who could be a threat?

Is it because governments that exist by fraud, crime, treason and genocide cannot tolerate people that work hard, are industrious, invest and build for the long term?

Is it because their obsession of control is hidden by the fact that they make regulations that are in fact unconstitutional?

Is this a major problem because the Bank of Canada is not properly utilized in the creation of the nations money supply that governments have no choice but retain the unlimited power to tax and take it if you don’t pay it?

Is it just another tactic utilized as a result that the tax system itself is not based on equality whatsoever?

Is this enforced to discriminate, to favour, to do things at the expense of others? one or more family empires against the everyday people?

What about expropriation? There are plenty of situations where people have not been properly compensated.

How do firearms laws integrate with property rights? Does a homeowner not have the right to self defence, for his home, property, family, peace, safety and security? Or is only the criminal that has rights? Why must the home owner go to jail for protecting his own life or family in self defence? Talk about ridiculous, eh? Only in Canada? No, in other places too backwards to do better.

When Federal roads were transferred to the Provinces, and Provincial roads were transferred to the Municipalities, the Municipalities needed to significantly increase property taxes. Municipalities generally can’t be in debt. The only recourse or plan of action is to increase property taxes. People must pay or their property gets expropriated by a clever terrorist extortion move, that is the reality. Is tax beyond peoples ability to pay right, ethical proper, or is it really something else, much more diabolical?

The Government, with the Bank of Canada, through a designated entity can supply all the financial power for any sort of roads, bridges, infrastructure, water supply, waste disposal, or anything else for that matter. They refuse to act responsibly and providentially which is the right thing to do, that is completely legal and appropriate. They choose genocide, they choose to defraud Canadians of something that is right, proper, ethical, normal and good for the well being and quality of life of people. Provinces and Municipalities do not have the designated power to create money. They can of course create a bank or credit union and create electronic money, which is not a designated power defined in Section 91 and 92. Debt, no problem, equity debt free, no forget it. Now why do people call us dumb Canadians? Let’s go back to 1974 shall we.

Now, what about land patents eh? Hmmm, private property what a good idea, now how is that going to work with all the prospectors and mining companies who like to do anything they want and there is nothing you can do about it? Now how about some incompatible foreign invader controlled company mining in your backyard, or discretely extracting immense raw material resources and sending back to their home country? How is that working for you?