Marine & Air Ports

Now, towards more nation building vision, Section 91 & 92; more en route, read and be responsible eh!

Of course right now, there are people in government collaborating in a criminal defrauding fashion, (aka more treason) to sell off ports, privatize them, or transfer them in some sort of way to the Provinces, this is in clear and evident violation of the Constitution, you know, Confederation, the British North America Act, Section 91 & 92. Read it eh! Any lawyers care to dispute this? No, but you will not defend it on behalf of Canadians will you, as in, that is not legal or ethical...right. Yes, perhaps the wording could be different, maybe with more teeth.

The government does not want to keep Marine Ports, because they don’t have the money. They don’t have the money because they insist on economic and national genocide enforced by a debt based money creation policy, in violation of the Constitutional powers. Money creation does not belong to Chartered Banks, it belongs exclusively to the Bank of Canada, the Bank of Canada is owned by the Government of Canada. This is very different than various other countries Central Bank ownership and control structures. We have a legal and ethical power to exercise, and with vision, we can build great things together. Government fraud, crime, genocide and treason must go, it is beyond not cool, it is a very bad idea, we cannot move fast enough to rectify this.

You can review corresponding comments on “Asset Recycling” the new covert privatization by treason and selling out Canada, defrauding Canadians and other un-Constitutional actions, somewhere in this website.

You can read about many significant good things in the last Constitution from the great Pierre Elliot Trudeau, if you apply it in the context directly to privatization, it will render it as something illegal. You will find even more enlightenment from a landmark historical PET speech that is linked by a pdf.

Why would the government give up a Section 91 power, unless it was committing treason. We will follow up this with more detail so you can understand the applied physics of law and the reality of what is going on.