Irresistible questions

Can you believe that some people totally hate for you or anyone to have freedom of speech, being organized, knowing the facts, what really is going on? This includes for you to have that ability and option to buy Made in Canada or Product of Canada, even if you wanted to and had the money. Have you ever heard anyone in government or politics to talk about or promote Made in Canada?

Is there anyone you know that really inspires confidence, trust, hope or something to get excited about? If so, how? Does looks, glamour, publicity impress you, even though decisions are totally contrary and against Canada and real Canadians, notwithstanding the oath of allegiance? What about that, that’s not fair, that’s not right, that’s not what I voted for...?

The oath of allegiance is not to Canada, is it? It never is. Are people in government just cowards, do they have no integrity, no morals, ethics, valour? Will they ever go to war for Canada and Canadians, for what is right, true, noble or even a little bit of intelligent patriotism, never mind national economics and the survival of Canada and prosperity of Canadians? Of course, it appears people in government or politics are quick to break the basic law, rights, duties, responsibilities and so on, allegiance to Canada, forget it, right?

Is it simply better for someone in government or politics to annoy real Canadians by catering to lobbyists, foreign governments, corporations, you know, non voting, non-citizens not even real Canadians, to do really incorrigible things and think nothing of it, or for them to assert some bogus audacity to minimize your very real concerns, like it was nothing really, after all, it’s the right thing to do, when in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

Now, what do you think and believe? Is it true that treason, globalism, selling out the country, or giving the country away, presents no problem, or that there is no conflict of interest, as there is no national vision, no ideals, no altruism, no self sacrifice, no integrity to stand up and fight for what is right, is there? Do you think that is a bit harsh? Can you provide evidence to prove otherwise? Eh?

Now, if someone in government impresses you or has your approval, is it because of what you value, what you believe in, something that makes you feel better inside, something that makes you happy? Maybe that seems to be a bit or a lot personal, but really, think about it, you don’t need to tell anyone if you don’t want to. Some people may realize the reasons why they like or approve of something, some do not give it serious thought, certainly not to government decisions that are totally contrary and anti-Canada, anti-Canadian. We have a list a mile long, which is about 1.6 kilometres, right? Now, let’s move along, shall we...

Is it right that you or anyone is to be defrauded from the opportunities and quality of life that should be available in Canada to everyday people like you? Don’t you think you should, or that we can do something together about that, or do you prefer perhaps another 40 years of torture from insane government policies? Or, do you have something different in mind? Maybe a different kind of like, a real future you can feel good about, something that feels like you are really alive?

What Canada needs is your response, you action, something pro-active, something that you can do to make a Canada, yeah, that’s right, build something so completely fantastic, so extra-ordinary, you vision, dreams, plans, hopes and imagination, don’t give it up, don’t ever give up. You might find something and someone so completely super-charged about all of that, the help, resources, environment and so much more can converge and be deployed in a way that the more you look for evidence, those optimistic things, more progress will be made. This does relate to the acceptance of personal responsibility, as you need to know that the more you accept and do, the more power you have, it is self empowerment to say the least, which will be a very positive, constructive and rewarding experience.

Oh yes, mass media does not want open discussion, ignore it, belittle it, criticize it and offer nothing better, no imagination, nothing related to nation building, just the opposite...editors, owners, controllers, they don’t believe in freedom of speech, they don’t like people with ideas, imagination or incentive...journalistic freedom, forget it, there goes you job, toe the line, like MPs, the party line, or you are done, never mind what people really voted for at election time, forget those promises, we are doing what we didn’t talk about, not once, yeah, we know, the best liar gets elected, treason is out of control, don’t rock the boat, don’t make waves...nobody has the courage do challenge it or do anything about it, and if there was, mass media would censure it, ruin it destroy it if they can, maybe even send a hitman, you know, we know since it is so obvious they just cant hide any more.

We think you already may know, it’s just that we like to encourage you to be focused, go in the right direction, do something pro-active, get involved, stand on guard for Canada...the real deal, and now you will need to be combat capable, fight for Canada, fight hard, be smart about it, be resourceful, be disciplined, have vision, work for it, talk about it and share with others something completely new, exciting, refreshing, dynamic...something like freedom, to never give it up once you have it. Don’t allow your self to be hypnotized back to sleep, not to a world of nothingness, regrets, missed or lost opportunities. Remember all those dreams that had you fired up and awake, on fire for something...ah yes, what is that ember that burns inside your heart and soul? Surely you know...

Of course, if any governing party continues to practice economic genocide, treason, globalism and selling out the country, then you know what to expect. An all out war against the people will only result in one thing...actually many things, not necessarily everyone having offshore bank accounts, offshore trusts, to you know, level the playing field, but a whole new governing political party, something truly pro-Canadian. Something the everyday Canadian can know and understand, like when someone is with you and for you, and there is no doubt about it, since most people will simple not take it any endless government stupidity, debt, compound interest, obscene taxation, endless imports and next to nothing made in Canada, or didn’t you notice. You can read, right?

So, we are confronted with reality of society. If people are too stupid, refuse to do the math, don’t read or understand the basic economics of real and/or bogus money creation to make a relevant informed and education decision on the future and right now, or always listen to propaganda news and deceptive communication and correspondence, especially concerning who owns and controls that media, without question, we will continue to have an extremely serious problem.

Our job here is to get that message out, simple, direct, powerful, down to earth, something that excites you, energizes you, revitalizes you, something that gives you hope, even though now, it seems we are really messed up and it would take a lot of fixing, but everyone needs to know, that it is possible, and the individual Canadian can be a part of that.

What does it take, for the individual Canadian? It takes attitude, courage, determination, resolve, a point that each person arrives at, that know that some things should never be, something else was meant to be, something much more is possible and it is happening right now, as this point is when good people no longer do more cruise control, apathy, stagnation or even endless entertainment.

We all need a new vision, an idea about what kind of life might be possible, something more real, exciting, alive, challenging, vibrant and rewarding. Are you at that point now, or getting there? Now we can get excited about building a country like that, right? Of course we have an idea of what we are up against, right?

Globalism, the war against the nation state and anti Canadian policies and business as usual procedures, with unlimited imports notwithstanding dumping, and the massive liquidation of jobs, factories and entire industries obviously constitutes a total war on Canada and real Canadians, and is completely unconstitutional in case you can’t read. What are you going to do about it? Eh?

People in politics that talk about the middle class are obviously doing what they can to destroy it, contrary to popular belief or impression, they are not going out of there way to fix it and make it right. Giving all kinds of tax breaks to foreigners and doing the opposite to Canadians does not help produce new wealth generating power or create an environment for risk taking when an incredible range of realities are configured against so many people.

Some people in government think they can do anything they want...the family cottage, inheritance, hell take it all, who will stop them, tax it to oblivion, of course that’s normal for anti-family, anti-wealth, anti-tradition, anti-investment, you know, the things that built the country, not communism, socialism, fascism and greed, or discrimination against whitey, the entrepreneur, the enterprise builder or any one who works to build a future, to express the best of who they are, build something for the long term, something real that lasts, something people can enjoy and be proud of. Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could have a change of heart, direction, vision and values?

With all the smart people in Canada, this list can certainly grow, you can talk about it, and what’s more, you can do something about it. Now, what are you going to do about it eh???