Infrastructure Bank of Canada

This is not needed. We have the Bank of Canada to create all the money, that is real M1 money, for all our needs that can be backed up with Treasury Reserves, more assets of many kinds, in addition to real goods and services.

A separate Infrastructure Bank will create more electronic debt based money, not real M1 money.

Infrastructure Development Bonds could be issued if you really insisted on paying interest. This is not what the government did. They are smarter than that. Globalism, treason and genocide maniacs are actually very smart, except what they do is very unwise to say the least. How is that for diplomacy?

Record profits can be “paid” to foreign investors, way above and beyond the prime rate, with the nothing you can do about it enforced policy. Bad idea, bad news, and totally unnecessary.

This also can secure revenues for these foreign investors for years, along with all the other interest debt payments currently under obligation, wow, that is a lot. Nothing is ever enough is it?

You can bet that something will not show up on the liabilities sheet of the financial report.

You might find it difficult to find out who or where this money is going? Offshore bank accounts and encryption are good for that, right. Your buddies, people you owe favours too, maybe swap concession or other illegal corruptions, Liberals are famous for that right? Right? Eh? What’s that you say?

Once again, the government has put their nose up in the air to Canadian citizens and catered to someone else that is not, has not voted, and probably will never vote, much less assume the responsibilities of being a Canadian.

Liberals are like Conservatives in the sell out your country to globalist approach. This will not end well. Why not offer investment opportunities to everyday Canadians, and they can have a revenue stream, a dividend perhaps? If you really like fixed income, sure a revenue bond, perhaps preferred shares.

Everything could be in trust, right? No asset or revenue stream expropriation, or is that only for the foreign investor state provisions of, if you don’t do what we want we will sue you and make your life miserable even though you have all the power of a sovereign government to create all the money you could possibly need for anything you could imagine...but the people will never get that essential intel because the mass media will never talk about it, it is a non issue, unlike the total immorality and mainstream fake stream news propaganda and endless destruction of sports and so called entertainment, which is entrainment, that is the real issue, like, have you been de-hypnotized yet, or are you still asleep at the wheel on a collision course?

How embarrassing to have a Minister of Finance that does not know Canadian history, the 1972 criminal fiasco and the coup d’état and the simple provision of money creation powers in the Bank of Canada. Now, is that incompetent and not really aware, or what? Eh smooth talker?

To be continued, lucky for you!