Have we got a plan for you...Made in Canada and Product of Canada.

This includes more Canadian ownership, control and voting.

This includes more private enterprise, resources, secure supply lines and a really pro-Canada environment to protect and create jobs, careers, enterprise, new products and services, and all the solid quality good paying family jobs that is talked about here and there.

This means more resources, the Bank of Canada will be utilized properly, more opportunities will exist for co-development projects in both private enterprise and public/private endeavours.

This will be covered in much greater detail, however right now, you need to know...

“Since you have freedom of choice, you can choose a greater quality of life, good solid quality paying family rated jobs with Made in Canada and Product of Canada, you can have greater challenge and reward, more opportunity and adventure, you can have a life full of hope and promise, you can exercise your power, live as a free individual, create the kind of future you envision, live your dreams, experience excellent health, freedom and prosperity, you can create a family, start an enterprise and build it from the ground up, right out of the thin air of your imagination, you can do all that”.

That almost sound like the health and wealth gospel, right? Only better, much better, you have the power, you don’t need to wait for anyone or anything, you take action, go forward, make progress, make decisions, learn, grow, increase in your ability to succeed, competence and successful mission tasking capability. This is a really good thing, personal empowerment, by yourself, the independent individual.

You really need to know that it would not be right to deny you the individual to improve the quality of your life, especially with criminal government actions of total warfare against the family, the individual and the enterprise, and nation state sovereignty itself. This government and foreign entity warfare is done by debt money creation, interest payments to foreigners, endless imports, mass media monopolies that are anti-Canadian, and work relentless to deny the arsenal of democracy, real freedom of speech to the citizens, excessive regulation, taxation and people who sell out the country and totally stupid trade deals with governments that are more than happy to get materials, land, resources and cooperation for next to nothing, since they are more than happy to betray the founding people - the nation builders, and make it impossible to compete or even live a decent life, because many job and career opportunities are not longer in existence, poof, gone, they are not coming back, except for...oh wow, there really is hope, things can get better, I personally can make a difference, wow, this is amazing...

“Or how about something new, brilliant and awesome? On top of that incredible vision, you can have the confidence that really good people are in government making brilliant decisions with thought intelligent patriotism, protecting your jobs, careers, enterprise and industry, as they work diligently to build on the solid foundation of true economics and productive enterprise”. It is called strategic, operational and tactical advantage...

This means more Made in Canada and Product of Canada, real freedom of choice, recirculating the money and creating more jobs, careers, enterprise and business opportunities and transactions, everyone benefits. True wealth producing power in productive enterprise, a magnitude of self-sufficiency.

If you really want endless imported consumer products acquisition with exporting jobs, money and shutting down factories and committing not only economic and industrial genocide, but also the devastation of lives, broken dreams and devitalized communities, lost opportunity, frustrated people in the straight-jacket of depression, despair, poverty, bankruptcy, insolvency and simply not having enough to finance or acquire the basic things, never mind lofty dreams, or if you prefer the rage, hate, contempt, bitterness or genocide, debt, slavery, lost opportunity, pain, drug addiction, or being defrauded by your future or anything else that is fundamentally caused by government and corporate globalist sponsored crime, genocide and treason, you can have that.

If 95% of the stuff in stores Made in China or somewhere else, is acceptable to you, you can have that too. How do you like your freedom of choice now? With your boots and shoes that don’t last and are not comfortable, is that what you had in mind? Yeah, so even if you had the money, and knowing now that imported work, hiking, mountaineering and other boots cost more than the high quality long lasting really comfortable Made in Canada boots ever did, try finding them. Try directing money, your hard earned money to help create and sustain jobs Made in Canada. There are only a few places in Canada that we know of, and it was mainly because of this realization, and the quest for high quality, extremely comfortable Made in Canada boots, that this is en route.