In actuality, the fishing industry mirrors the forestry practice of clear cutting. Cut is all, what is too small goes to the shredder, to make chips, pellets and oriented strand board products. It is evidently better to terraform everything in sight and replant with tractor ruts so the ground goes sour and is a walking hazard for people and animals alike, with mechanized rows, hybrids, non-indigenous species, and certainly nothing resembling the natural mix of species critical for bio-diversity and ecological brilliance.

The solution is less clear cutting, mixed species - indigenous reforestation, less tractor ruts, more hand planted, private walk on public land rights and responsibilities, logging company ethics and review.

Remineralization in the forest will also be essential and promoted and done, like the farming industry.

No massive land logging rights, no zero tax unlimited land to some and too much tax and next to no land for others. Equality right?

Furthermore all the genocide maniacs disguised as being pro environment who cut bands of bark of trees such as poplar in place like the Ottawa valley and north easter Ontario or South east Quebec so that the tree dies on the spot, is simply callous, criminal and hateful beyond measure. Why is it so difficult to call loggers to cut down some trees, send them to the sawmill, cut them up, send it to the kiln to dry and turn it into wood trim, furniture, wood cabinets, custom doors or something like that? The government lunatic genocide maniac idea is so much better, everything to the shredder, the solution more formaldehyde MDF to give you cancer and send the jobs to some other country along with the money you are forced to spend on something that is not made here. To provide an environment of good jobs in a local, regional or national economy, forget it, especially if it is for an ordinary Canadian, eh? More genocide and discrimination against whitey etc, check out the suppressed and censored reality at and discover the war against the founding people. What a disgrace and immense pile of bullshit with a mind virus that has no know cure...some people did something about it, but it should have never happened in Canada or anywhere. It is time to WAKE UP EH!

Maybe First Nations will cancel the so called treaties and end criminal terraforming and environmental disasters, just like that. Poof, no trespassing. After all, look at all the First Nations MPs...let’s see how they manage things, like natural resources, we hope they do the right thing. They may never get a second chance!

Imagine somebody saying this, “Furthermore, the Carbon Tax is total bullshit, since all plants require CO2 to make oxygen which is necessary to live, and we are carbon based life forms you stupid idiot, don’t you know anything? We don’t have to worry about hurting peoples feeling here, sociopath genocide traitors don’t have feelings, and why did so many people totally lie and make up bogus data about global warming, another tax grab by control freak globalist genocide maniacs and traitors to nation state sovereignty, don’t you know anything?” Yes, don’t you get it yet, the mainstream fake stream globalist mass media and their incessant lies, fraud, deception and crime?

We have a new endeavour…
This endeavour also includes general and advanced anti-tree pest non-toxic deployable technology that offers significant counter-meaures towards or against invasive species that have decimated forest landscapes, by attacking specific trees and now expanding their "diet" in other tree species, acting much like a modified predatory virus.

Where possible, the reduction of microwave towers, will b extremely advantageous to forest life, animals, insects, bees that polinate about 75% of the world's crops, including all life and people, as microwave towers are a genocide machine. Some trees are also cross polinated. People often don't want to talk about microwave towers and related technology, but the facts and evidence are too overwhelming, and just becuse a tree or person is still standing, does not mean there is no problem.

Our values emphasis selective logging and not trashing the forest and feeding left over and undersized trees to the shredder and leaving everything in a high fire risk environment that creates a danger zone to people and wildlife, and then leaving the crime scene…

Selective logging can be an ideal example of practical, productive and responsible forest management that is also profitable and sustainable. (the same idea can be applied in the fishing industry by selective fishing, not massive nets scooping up everything, regardless of size, species or commercial or private demand and or then dumping stuff - dead fish - off the side chute…)