Fishing Industry

The fishing industry can include promoting the boat building industry especially for fishing, and also fishing licenses, fishing heritage and resource management, this means no overfishing. Also, more manufacturing for fishing gear and distribution logistics can be developed.

There is nothing so annoying and sad as not being able to go fishing no matter who you are in Canada. We are sure we can do better than toxic fish farms, GMO salmon, decimating fish stocks by over fishing or letting some foreign boat come and take it, steal it and ruin it on the bottom for everyone.

Ignorant, uncivilized foreigners with no manners or respect or pretend to not read english or french can easily be arrested and charged. Perhaps a deputy, auxiliary Natural Resources enforcement personnel can be developed, so that charges and arrest can be made in the case where the law is clearly broken and documented and the regular Natural Resources personnel is unavailable. If whitey needs to obey the law, so does everyone else.

We don’t need our country to become a wasteland from total greed and lack of vision like other countries do we? The right fish, at the right time and the right size. Do you get it? Or is fish and marine life genocide by over fishing a true value and the usual base of situational ethics of self-exemption and personal irresponsibility?

As some may know, overfishing and destruction of a certain species is amplified, as many go down the side chute of the boat once caught and brought to the surface. The dragnet scoops up everything in its path, right, as in, take everything. The problem being was is kept and later sold for greater profit with the limited live or cold storage on a boat, the rest being discarded. The problem is that the fish are killed in the process from such rapid changes in pressure, even as a diver should not exceed a certain change in depth to surface, otherwise damage and death can result. So back in the ocean they go, dead, untold zillions of fish destroyed, wiped out, gone. Why not a long line, hook and bait, fishing for something specific, at a specific depth range, with total fisheries destruction of species without cause, reason or care.

As some may know, this destructive over fishing and species warfare and genocide has been going on since the 50’s. Obviously the Ministry of Environment, Fisheries & Resources don’t know anything about proper management and sustainability. There only solution is fish farms, toxic environments, sea lice, gmo salmon, yeah, that is so much better, genocide, crime, fraud, extinction. Their incompetence, criminal negligence, open genocide obviously has no limits. Maybe they need a taste of their own medicine, or food rather. The salmon fish farm fraud in stores is also something that will end.

Additionally, surface life is nuked by microwaves and sub-surface marine life is polluted with endless plastic and toxic chemicals, runoff of herbicides, pesticides, endocrine disruptors, fertilizers and all that stuff, in short, life extinction enabled bio-hazards, by government and corporate sponsored genocide. The corresponding ability and incorrigible sociopathic abilities of rogue corporations and rogue MPs, MPPs and their agents is a recipe for disaster. Nobody has the courage, character or balls to change it, as the endocrine disruptors, psy-ops propaganda machine and microwaves got them where it counts.

Additionally, perhaps some adjustment to the Criminal Code for punishment of people that steal boats, maybe they can be delivered a mile or so offshore and told to swim back to shore, boat stealing is a major crime against people that depend on their boat for travel, fishing, exploration and simply a good time on the water, in addition to simple relaxation and stress relief. People have no idea that others work hard for their money, save and invest it in a boat, only to have that stolen, along with a trailer, canoe or anything else.

Finally, all these power dams actually cause serious problems. This is related to the fish returning upstream, and also stopping the minerals for revitalizing the lakes and oceans to sustain bio-diversity marine life and the entire ecosystem that is required. This must change, at least, dredge the minerals and send them on their way to the lake or ocean like it has been for thousands of years, or is it so much better to starve life and create more extinction level events like nuking the honey bees and micro organisms and in fact all life with genocide microwaves.