Farm Industry

Remineralization, more local farm markets, going green, bio-dynamic, organic transition resources; End GMOs, glyphosate, nucleotide and microwave bee killing genocide must end, or life on earth will be done, genocide, extinction, finished, over.

Large scale wind energy is not green. Infrasound and pulsed acoustic signals cause havoc and destruction to farms, people, animals and everything. The idea is enforced to ruin the family farm, devalue properties, put people out of business, buy up farms, turn off and decommission wind power, get the farm going under new corporate empires for record profits, possibly with a petro chemical soup du jour, GMO and all kinds of toxic fake food to induce more genocide...didn’t you know?

By the way we need more farm equipment manufacturing in Canada in addition to crop/food storage and more update regulation for meat processing that is not so monopolistic, anti farmer and anti health, get it?

If we top this up with a massive remineralization program, health and prosperity would be normal, not sickness and debt. Obviously food imports at the expense of Canadian farms is a very bad idea, a total crime, CETA and all that garbage would be organically and patriotically nuked....a new figure of speech.

Canadian Farmers, with this CETA deal do not want to be compensated, they want to sell and make a profit. They do not want to be sold out, they do not want everyone else to come here and dump their stuff. They like an honest days work and an honest days pay. They take great pride in what they do, notwithstanding being abused by the Canadian government for generations. They don’t like, need or want more government and corporate sponsored genocide and treason.

We will have a remineralization program, soil management, the ph, the minerals and soil vitality to produce food vitality will be promoted. This means bio-dynamic, organic, real healthy food.

We will end glyphosate, atrazine, pesticides, herbicides and all the bio-hazard extinction level event garbage and do things right.

Food fraud such as GMO apples, GMO salmon, toxic fish farms will be eliminated.

The war against the bees will end, along with the war against your health.

Gassing apples that are not ripe to make them red to sell in the store will be banned. The toxic chemical sprayed on apples will also be banned and eliminated.

Factory farms and other serious, dangerous and unhealthy practices will be transformed into something more healthy and civilized. GMO corn for the cows, forget it. Cows are not meant to eat corn, never mind GMO.

Financial and other resources for the transition to organic, bio-dynamic will be available. Nation wide schools or educational resources will be available for farming, marine life, forestry and so on, to manage things responsibly for peace, order and good government. ESG-environment, social and governance will take on a whole new meaning.

The Canadian Dairy Industry, now is under the threat of foreign governments. In particular, the American demands greater market access, yes, the right to dump endless gallons of milk. More American style bully and terrorist tactics. The fact is Americans wage food wars across the planet. The control of the food supply is

This includes the deployment of corrupt and immoral genocide GMO products, improperly and incomplete product and ingredient disclosure, endless toxic chemicals, such as glyphosate and other cancer, sickness, disease, death and extinction level generators and technology know as bio-weapons, they use these on their own people in addition to mass deployment of the new 5G microwave death machine, there is no evidence of making America great again, it is committing suicide and genocide.

Quebec we do not need poutine made with cheese from foreign milk. We do not need milk from cows on concentrated animal feed lots, or milk from cows that eat corn, since cows are engineered to eat grass, and certainly not GMO corn...get it. Also, we do not need endless microwave towers nuking cows or other animals or people include the genocide spy and crime smart meters that was enforced and deployed on the Canadian population and enforcing more genocide the war on health, reproduction and life itself (see and etc.) These are war vector scenarios.

Consider a basic war vector scenario, infiltrate, destroy secure supply lines, counterfeit or corrupt, reroute money, power, resources, limit choices, limit freedom of speech or real discussion, enforce or control actions, even by terrorist tactics which is the use of force or the threat of the use of force, destroy industry and economic capabilities, destroy the will to be pro-active, destroy the mind and faculties of logic, critical analysis, creative imagination, individual self sufficiency, destroy health with corrupted and poisoned food, water, air, environment, products, technology, ideology, thoughts, distractions or the latest crisis and propaganda, enforced global cartels, drugs, disease, sickness and death.

We do not need to import everyones products and services, including food and endless dairy products or anything else, nor do we need to import people.

We need self government and self sufficiency, this means secure supply lines, this includes safe, healthy and reliable, this includes the support of national and local industries, this includes the renaissance and redevelopment of industries. This includes the family farm, safe, secure supply of nutritious food, which enables happy, healthy and intelligent citizens. We do not need any more treason, genocide and crime from the government, no more selling out, no more concessions.

Look at your free trade concessions that resulted in 95% of stuff in stores Made in China while entire industries in Canada have been liquidated, vapourized, poof-all gone, like it practically does not exists, automobiles and auto parts, tools, textiles. A treasonous government with treasonous personnel should go to hell.