FIRA - Foreign Investment Review Agency

Of course if a government does not have a real relevant Foreign Investment Review Agency, (back in the day with PE Trudeau, this existed, and was wiped out by the Harper high jacked Conservatives with more globalist treason). We could so better, right?

Maybe the Prime Minister will rectify this FIRA situation, maybe he won’t, as the PMO and MPs are not exactly nationalists are they? If you consider in particular, something like that, the foreign investment review idea and present governing legislation, you will notice the sky high investment amounts “the threshold trigger limit” that would only apply to a few situations, whereas, all kinds of business, investment and transaction activities that are not in the best interest of Canadians and Canada, as in foreign ownership and control, can easily go under the radar. A lot like, don’t do transactions of $10,000 because crazy alarm bells will go off and you will be spied on and investigated....., right? You did not get that get that in the mainstream fake stream news did you?

The present and previous administration is: How can you have that kind of money? We engineered it so you don’t have any, you must be a criminal, you will be reported and investigated....

What about Alcan, Inco and so on. Some things should have never happened.

If you would like a really good example of government sponsored fiasco and treason, the Canada Space Arm would be one of them. Eventually, right here you will be able to download the files and about who did what and what happened, you will be shocked. This also has been largely censored by your friendly mainstream media, the masters of propaganda, social conditioning and social engineering...there is all kinds of things they don’t want you to know.