Even though Education is Section 91 of the Constitution and is federal, there are issues regarding the treason, genocide and immorality of the curriculum, including "teaching" propaganda mind control, that results in race hate, race traitors, dumbed down, juvenile delinquency, more liberalism, poisoned bodies, minds, attitudes, character and reduction or elimination of true values and family values;

Including the fact that there are not enough smart people to be employed in construction trades, never mind national security defence high tech projects that need smart people, with an industrious work ethic and outstanding character and trustworthiness for successful mission tasking, this is practically impossible with the public school system based on cultural marxism etc.

If you consider the problems with people who are unable to do cursive writing, basic math, including money, making change, useful fractions in an Imperial system utilized in construction, you will notice we have a serious national security emergency. Give me a 38 x 89? How about pass me the 2x4?

The war on real family values, the war on straight white males, the Ritalin genocide bio-weapon, drug genocide, vaccine genocide, sexual genocide, microwave genocide, the war on straight white females (white gold, race mixing) liberalism, liberal fascists, rabid socialists, race destruction, race replacement, abortion, sexual degeneracy and immorality, virtue signalling, values destruction, history revisionism, anti white, anti founding people, anti real Canadian history and of course all those who get their info from Big Tech Liberalism media who has no problem censoring truth, facts, real science, white people, patriots, Christians, with labels such as 'conspiracy theories' or hate law violaters, amazing.

Yes, the education system is full of genocide maniacs, traitors and cultural marxist engaged in nation wrecking, family wrecking, and the super achievement of dumbed down "education" mind control propaganda promoting destruction. The degree and efficiency of programming, psycological warfare, conditioning, hypnosis, subliminal and even use of computers and techniques and not textbooks to hide curriculum and agenda from parents is total assault and fraud, active genocide, deception and additionally attacks on the family.

The war against the Family, includes attacks on family values, real families, man, woman, kids, heterosexual marriage, getting students to spy and report on any nymber of aspects concerning their parents, family, beliefs, political views or otherwise, is normal, coaching them to act with belligerence, insolence and hostility to parents is also part of the program, certaintly promoting disobedient juvinile diliquents, anti authority, anti discipline, total abuse and vexation to parents, since they think spanking or other discipline is illegal, they think they have a license to be total idiots with arrogant attitudes, non co-operative to the exent that they will not help in basic family duties even if national security depended on them or the survival of the family depended on them, or the happiness of the parents and family depended on them, as they are taught to be divided and at war, with the family and contribute to their own destruction as well as the race and country.

Additionally, the 'education system" is extremely set against white people, in particular the founding people of Canada, who are the real victims of so called systemic racism, the people who are censored and disqualified. The education system works with the mass media liberal fascist establsihment that desires to destroy people and nation state sovereignty and the basis of an advanced civilized civilization. Mass media enforces the super imposed mind control agenda and values destruction of society with the cultual marxist agenda.

A review of Teacher pensions along with the Canada Pension Plan is required, in addition to the need to end financing the enemy to put us out of business. There should be no allegiance to any socialist international or anything else that is not really Canadian, including all the super imposed cultural marxist ideology, for lack of a better description.

Additionally and end to all the arrogance anc abuse of nor real Canadians who are involved in the "education system" that is also at war with real Canadians. The student visa problem is also a national security threat to Canada, as a huge immigrant population and demographic warfare is also a national security threat to Canada. The Multicultural Act is an illegal law based on an illegal 1982 Constitution, engaged in genocide against the founding people of Canada.

This is a national security threat to Canada. National security requires a real Canadia Minister of Defence who understand the essential aspects of national security risks and threats to Canada, in addition to assets and advantages, which can include an intelligent, competent and aware resource base of people with character, self discipline, work ethic and allegiance, with true values.

We need home schooling alternatives and a total education renaissance.