Defence and Firearms

A constitutional militia for civil defence with corresponding provisions, mandate and authority

Augmented with Active and Retired Defence Personnel, National Reservists and law enforcement

Civil Defence Armouries and infrastructure, training and resources

Prohibited Weapons training

Total Defence environment doctrine, training, scenarios and tasking

Cataclysm, war vector and infrastructure collapse scenario, training and tasking

Mission Tasking, national, regional, community and interoperability

Personal and community defence capabilities and deployable resource position

Additional proposals for the Firearms Policy:
- Firearms registration to the person, not the location.
- Transport permission not required, transport protocols always in effect.
- Firearms industry regulations needs fine tuning.
- Sales and transfer protocols without treating people like they are juvenile delinquents. A proper receipt, with a proper authentication of each person. Call in micromanaging sales and transfer is not productive.
- Consultation with Firearms instructors and National Defence,
- Hunters and sport shooter working group
- Joint defence technology manufacturing projects, more jobs and careers.
- individual rights and responsibilities to have and bear arms and of self defence.
- no firearms to those with allegiance to other governments that are anti-Canadian or terrorist organizations, this includes but is not limited to Islamic terrorists with allegiance to Sharia which is a government masquerading as a religion, who law evidently demands our death, the death of the “infidels” who are not in their government can read it for yourself. They are at war 24/7 you cannot trust them whatsoever, ever!

-The previous Liberal government and Minister of Justice fiasco for the gun registry was a disaster and also was un-Canadian and anti-Canadian, this was not much different than the Nazi era of gun control.

- It is not the job or mandate of RCMP to make the law, they enforce the law, otherwise it is a police state sponsored by a treasonous PM and MPs, which might make it fascist eventually. We don’t appreciate the PM telling the RCMP to do what they want, as that is not proper government, leadership or vision (however, perhaps the RCMP would like to round up, expose or prosecute people who are communists, socialists, marxist, Leninists, Sharia et al, criminals, involved in or committing acts of genocide and treason, including impossible allegiance when currently allied to another superior government, entity or otherwise). I

Due to national security reasons, freedom isn’t free, we have duties, rights and responsibilities.

The mainstream political parties will never do any of this. Do they not despise freedom, the individual, creativity and intelligent patriotism? (unless it includes crime, fraud, genocide and treason).

Evidently proper national economics, nation state sovereignty, civil defence and personal self defence, is all related. They are under attack by those that despise freedom, opportunity, choice, private property, nation building, people that would deny anyone the capability of independent thought or action, or even a shred of justice, from their overwhelming tyranny.

Genocide, treason and war vector scenarios:

Really, we need something like the second amendment, a constitutional militia, citizens defence, knights, combat capable citizens, men with muscles, brains, testosterone and moral courage, charactrr with true values, nobility, power and action.