Defence Technology Sales

Can anyone answer why armoured vehicles are sold to Saudi Arabia? A country with Muslims who chop of the heads of Christians and Catholics, obviously the separation of church and state is not a problem, because it is a government mixing civil and religious law, anything is legal or illegal, depending on who has the separating the head and body is common practice also, not to mention other unmentionable acts. So MPs are pro-Muslim and anti-Christian, and anti-male, double anti straight white male, and triple anti Veterans, that’s great. How is that for being proportionally correct the math! Let’s see your evidence eh!

Having no conscience enables all kinds of terrible things to be done, like bogus trade deals and agreements to sell out the country, or even give it away if you can’t sell it off fast enough. Unlimited imports to put us out of business while not protecting Canadian enterprise is normal. A government acting like an awesome entity of creative providence, is impossible with such backward thinking. Has anyone given an oath of allegiance to Canada? Well, what about it eh?

If you feel awkward about that, reflect on the American $350 billion sales of defence technology to a muslim nation of Saudi Arabia that does nothing about the Christians getting their heads chopped off or executed...yeah, even the last president was not so bold, was he? So much for the war on Islam, sell them more weapons, that’s the ticket!