Defence Personnel

2500 homeless Veterans is a criminal negligence not to mention extremely uncaring and callous, n’est pas? Now we know most people may understand this, but are unable to answer the question, “If there is all kinds of money and logistics for the 50,000 plus Syrians in Canada who have done nothing for Canada, why not the Veterans? Eh? Don’t want to talk eh?? $465 million for Afghanistan, mostly for women’s rights and liberation aka social engineering, but what about “We look after our own.” Of course, if you are not a real Canadian, anything but, is possible and normal right? Of course these foreign people did not vote and received preferential treatment ahead of Veterans and regular Canadians, not to mention all kinds of obscene benefits that are shocking.

You are either a terrorist lover or have real respect, appreciation and care for Veterans and Defence Personnel? You decide. We should suggest to all MPs to publicly state they either respect, appreciate and care about the Veterans or Defence Personnel, or that they don’t starting with the Prime Minister and Minister of Defence and that they support the litigation concerning the abrogation of duty, criminal negligence, total failure of public trust and have no sense, true values or conscience concerning honour, truth, loyalty, duty and intelligent patriotism, and no respect for bravery, valour, courage or the self sacrifice of Defence Personnel.

Now the government is involved in litigation (as in lawsuit) to prove their point they don’t have any obligation to look after Veterans. Is that incredible or what? Let’s see what the Supreme Court has to say. Thou shalt look after all Veterans and Defence Personnel....

Has the Supreme Court been corrupted enough, or rather Liberalized by the religion of Liberalism. Has it been stacked to subvert justice, ignore valour and be in contempt of Defence Personnel? Are they also have evidence against them, implicating them in genocide and treason? Hmmm.

Let’s look at the American Liberal Democrat technique against Defence personnel and in particular Veterans. Yes, you will be shocked no matter who you are. Many of us know that there is no limit to tragedy or stupidity or genocide is there? It will take a lot to fix the damage, America is no exception, it will require self sacrifice, courageous acts of valour, the knowledge of right and wrong and the integrity and resolution backed up by action to make things right. Right makes might!

There is nothing worse than an insolent traitor in power that is not a nationalist, with not a shred of understanding of what is right and wrong, good and bad, wise and unwise. That must be the worst. Is there anyone like that, or are we just dreaming, or rather having a nightmare on Parliament Street? Yes, a Muslim terrorist lover with a family history or crime, treason, genocide and poor math skills. We all know how the mainstream fake stream mass media ignores the reality and puts their best foot forward to promote their sleeper cell agent, the provocateur, the saboteur, the collaborateur, ya, you like the sound of that right? What happened to character, integrity, personal responsibility? Why a super imposed bunch of people with not values? How do you think that works for Defence Personnel? Hmmm, moral courage, wisdom, national defence, tactical advantage, now where do you think that is all going to go?

Of course, do you think that having all these women MPs and ethnically and language diverse MPs are going to make a difference to primarily men that are Veterans? How do you know if they are really covertly anti-male or anti-Canadian? Let’s see what they are working on and voting on shall we. Oh look, more genocide and treason, selling out Canada, making us look bad, real bad. Yes, how humiliating, with no end to the fascist liberal mass media about how great the governing Liberal Party is...who has a record of decimating the Canadian Armed Forces, right?

So are the Syrians and Afghanistan receivers of Liberal policies worth more than Veterans, or ordinary Canadians? No, but they receive more money and benefits. Liberals don’t like nationalists or patriots, they don’t like ordinary men, never mind those with super powers, they don’t like the straight white guy, eh whitey, the Euro Canadian founding people certainly not those who would sacrifice their own life and well being for Canada, for principals and a good cause, or didn’t you know that? Let us look at the evidence, shall we? Any investigative journalist out there who like the truth???? Perhaps a social conservative if we are lucky...? Any nationalists who are journalists?

Of course we might imagine it could be difficult for Defence personnel to realize what is going on in their mission tasking orders. It would be difficult to reconcile a proxy war on behalf of some globalist entity or person that got their nose bent out of shape, and that is at the same time under mining and attempting to destroy your very own nation state sovereignty, right? Did you get that?

What happens when Defence Personnel realize their boss is actually part of and a member of a terrorist organization or is on the side of globalists and who is currently engaged in ending nation state sovereignty of Canada, what do they do? Eh? Rule number one, Know the enemy…What if the Prime Minister is a national security risk engaged in treason, even without a Treason Act eliminated by the great PE Trudeau, treason is still treason, right? What if the Minister of Defence is not a real Canadian (the founding people), and also is not able to understand, recognize and "know the enemy", or recognize and invasion or recognize a war.

A Chinesium virus, a Chinesium bio-weapon, Chinesium Covid-19 test kits contaminated with the virus, vaccine bio-weapons under development, Coronavirus 5G microwave bio-weapon, chem trails, Chinesium industrial warfare with 95% Chinesium and currency wars, Chinesium on our money, a Chinesium public health and safety agent under the pay and influence of WHO (could be a robot or a victim of trauma based mind control or someone with no conscience), with more Chinesium agenda, misinformation and the list goes on…

wakey wakey, are you stupid or just blind, or suffering from a dumbed down "so called education" or a victim of vaccine warfare that causes brain damage and ruins your health and capacity to think, reason, analyze and use logic of all things, OMG. You better hope to God the General is not an idiot, and pray that he has personally and with all those under his coman moral courage and the ability to "Know the enemy" …let's see how this plays out, national security provisions or total treason, genocide and war.

What happens when Defence Personnel discover that the war is against whitey, the euro Canadian founding people and the First Nations, what do they do? Or when they find out the government is secretly or not, methodically infiltrated with the Sharia law genocide maniac terrorist war mongers and is attempting to super impose their law and take over the various government and law enforcement entities? Eh? Is it ok to have this radical Islam people and their kids in Toronto or anywhere else, practicing chopping of the heads of the “infidels”? Is that ok? Why not whitey with a 9mm and open season, after all, they have declared war, or do Defence Personnel not read the Sharia law and all the murder and crime authorized by their religion of peace, which is a government attempting to invade, occupy and destroy us and anyone else that gets in their way or does not co-operate. Who is going to write about it much less do something about it? A chicken shit person addicted to drugs, cell phones and doing nothing? Not likely, right?

It might be difficult to rectify a NATO operation modus operandi to defend a member state that should not be included in NATO to begin with to wage proxy war or antagonize another country. If you don’t understand this, not to worry, it is the enemies advantage that you don’t know what they are doing and how it will cost you in more ways that you can possibly imagine. It could happen here, especially since most people do not know or have the arsenal of democracy, they do no own, control, vote or edit their communication, local news.

Many people automatically or maybe prefer to be hypnotized in immorality and pain killers and endless mindless entertainment wasting their life away in futility instead of being pro-active in nation building or making a contribution to the revitalization of the Defence technology industrial base, or enlisting themselves, or building character with invincible moral courage, tenacity, resolution and focus, or even taking their firearms course and getting ready for the real war...or being involved in a renaissance of all political governing entities that have a more awesome range of thinking based on true values, real Canadian values - not the ones super imposed by a liberalism genocidal treasonous government....

Now, the government of major political parties despises honour, truth, loyalty, duty and intelligent patriotism, they have no capability to relate to those who can do brilliant exploits, for love of country. This is incompatible with all Defence Personnel, it is a disgrace, an irreconcilable difference, this will only lead to more problems down the road. Even as if the Minister of Defence does not have the character or integrity to be truthful or to die for the country for what is right or at least put it all on the line, the front line, in front of the front line, well then, we could do better.

Obviously religion and a patriotism to your homeland, your country is a lot different than someone else from somewhere else, another religion, another mentality, and not a founding people of Canada, obviously, you don’t need to be a psycho-analyst or some other official with demographic or historical genius to figure it out. This reminds one of the Asimov psycho-historian, smart but stupid, missing the forest for the trees, expecting social adjustment will cure everything in the process of enforced idea of “conform” be understanding and accepting...well hate to break it to you but the criminal and terrorist immigrants, refugees and other people that should not be here are not interested in assimilation, conforming or equality, they want to take over and dominate even more than the feminist genocide maniacs and they will kill anyone that gets in their way. So, how do you like the current war vector scenario now?

The bravery, valour and fearlessness of an ordinary citizen, more so for Defence personnel or a Veteran, is a threat to their diabolical machinations of crime, fraud, genocide, treason and betrayal of the nation state. They are the most unfit and incompetent people to have in power, in government whatsoever. They certainly would not want to have any intelligent patriotic people around even if they are not number one, first class combat capable people would they?

No super heroes to defend against the diabolical garbage super-imposed on society for us, no, they have to leave them on the street, litigate, abrogate duty, do the most unpatriotic uncivilized thing they can think of, demoralize the troops, by immoral and unethical tactics and policies of the most treasonous kind. They are the real enemy, more dangerous than anything we have ever fought as a nation.

Finally, it could be a lot to ask, but what are you going to do about all that?

Additionally, it might be useful and beneficial if you could imagine what you may have been doing in a past life, or past lives, if you do not already know, it would be worth to investigate that or think about it, use your imagination and take it a step forward in time to the present moment about what your real purpose is, as in, you are here to do and achieve certain specific things, mission tasking, and now would be a good time for all those good people to come to the aid of their country...

I know, the chain of command, difficult eh, for someone to make a suggestion, not a hypnotic suggestion or anything like that, but not a command either, for if you new who the author is, how would you respond? What if the messenger was the author? What if the messenger was not the author? What if the messenger or author has been appointed by a much higher authority? What then...what if you were being observed and evaluated on your response, initiative, character, moral courage, or even your ability to enable, augment and amplify new forms of combat skills, or intel gathering capabilities, or your ability to organize yourself to handle any what if scenarios? What if you are the person that makes all the difference?

Law and Order