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The Phoenix payroll system should have never been acquired and deployed. From observations, most people know, and some people from experience, that it was faulty from the start, their bankruptcy did not help, or the track record of unresolved issues, or the fact that a US company has access to all that. In reality, proprietary software and hardware is not something you control. It does all kinds of things you have no idea about, it does not truly serve you, you are not in command, you are at risk for everything. Considerable research is available to those who would like to know more.

You would not want competing enterprise to know classified or even business or customer information, notwithstanding the nature of the job, technology, pay or otherwise, never mind a company or government. The degree of this software fiasco is mind-boggling, as in totally stupid, beyond stupid, as in, there is no limits to stupidity. Government personnel files should not be available online, and even less so with a proprietary system where you cannot read the code. For anyone to have access to that is a serious national security and personal threat to the well being and safety of all personnel.

Now, if that was a private enterprise or a public company, how do you think people or news media or even the government would respond in the same situation. How would you like to experience your paycheque or payment disaster eh? You are working hard, making your budget, you discipline yourself, and voila, an imbecile that can’t do the math is in control of your life, yeah, what about those plans of yours? How does that work with the bank or the incompetent super snoop invasion of privacy guaranteed by credit agencies and all the infidels who think they have a license to betray your confidence? Hmmm.

This brings us to another point, the sale of the communication network that carries the vast majority of government personnel files and transactions was also sold to a US company. People in the Ministry of Defence or the Communications Establishment have no problems with breech of national security or risks, or the need to have a secure communication establishment and network in your control. Of course, why would they if they are on the side of crime, defrauding, genocide and treason? This must change. Along with proprietary encryption hardware and software that can be hacked or accessed in a twinkling of the eyes....

In Canada, we are building an alternate internet. This is under development right now and will be available even without government sponsor, but doing business and voting for the right people will ensure that there is no internet kill switch and that free uncensored communication will be available along with community ownership, control and voting.

Right now, it is amazing all the people, companies and entities don’t want you do have something so basic. With the right kind of proposal and communications infrastructure and technique, freedom of speech, is also a private conversation.

Freedom of speech and open communication will enable, augment and amplify this considerably, otherwise you are all sitting ducks and the loons will be laughing at your expense, detriment powerlessness, all your choice...

With Phoenix software, we need to totally get rid of it, and move on with competence and the kind of confidentiality and the electronic protection act, right. Sage software is better by far, but really, an open source software is essential like OpenOffice LibreOffice. After all why would the Government of Canada buy and use proprietary software in a public world wide access by anyone to totally puts confidential personnel information and privacy at risk, AND break the laws of Canada in the process? Is that ridiculous or what? It is incredible the Government would actually do business with the company with the track record they have, and the performance problems this is mind boggling. A spread sheet program, even Sage software would work better, Drupal with Maria DB would be better, but still, it should not be online. There are very clever people on this planet...