Communication Industry

Communication is essential, open source communication that includes real freedom of choice and free speech is paramount. Concerning entities involved in communication, the ownership, control, voting and editing power is essential and needs to be restored to citizens in local printing such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television where possible. In rural communities and municipalities, this can serve as a dynamic integrated and unifying capability and can be easily implemented anywhere.

Obviously freedom of speech is under attack by people who certainly don’t want you to have freedom of speech, or to even know who is thinking what in the real world. We need community owned and operating publishing capabilities, co-operatives, buying groups for paper, machinery, equipment and so on. This could include analog television, local radio and amateur radio, real freedom of speech. Buy local, right? There is a lot of talent, creativity, ideas, research, knowledge, perspectives and even questions and answers available that could be put to much better use and add to the quality of life. Government corruption to enforce media monopoly control must end.

Unless you like to be censored, invalidated, ignored, suppressed, belittled, ridiculed and so on, perhaps you can do something today, like become a citizen journalist? You certainly can, but you can also get to work on organizing a community owned and operated paper, magazine or other publications and media. This will enable greater freedom and democracy in your local community and region, as well as ensure free political discussion is enabled. This liberates people from mainstream fakestream propaganda and censorship of real issues.

We promote the printed publications as these cannot be hacked, spied on, censored or loaded with cookies and so on, you can read what you want and it is your business. Conducting commerce with mail order and not electronic commerce massively increases your privacy and reduces risk of spying, fraud, crime and identity theft and endless data mining and profiling. This is something you would probably never hear from government, is it now? Eh?

You need to understand proprietary computer hardware and software including wifi routers is extremely bad and a threat to your personal, financial and business privacy. Wifi routers, even those supplied by Bell, when deactivated through the Bell website do not actually disable the microwave radiation, there is no physical switch to completely shut it off, you computer can be accessed 24/7, as it is a proprietary communication device, a real piece of spyware, which can be weaponized into have heard about it now, right If you need to know more, please contact us or someone who also really knows what is going on.

An article or comment does not necessarily need to be based on or promoting a certain political party, in fact in can be used to expose political parties, and the related genocide, fraud, treason and other inappropriate non Canadian values. Although having greater freedom of speech is useful so that people are not invalidated, neutralized, gagged or otherwise, restricted in expressing concerns, ideas, viewpoints or even questions concerning any local, regional, national or global topic.

As many know, election time, is only the three main parties, the proverbial three choices, nothing else. If all three choices involve genocide, crime and treason, the end of the nation state, or a super-imposed agenda or exo-political scenario that is not freedom of choice and certainly not real relevant or useful choices than can deliver the real democracy citizens need, not the counterfeit version. The recent case in the US election where mainstream fakestream media was exposed for massive outright lies, deception, propaganda, bogus election forecasts and so on, this was even more amplified in the days of Ron Paul, when he was massively censored, and ignored to an unbelievable degree. Looking at the ownership, control, voting and editing power demographics is only part of the fascist liberal globalist anti-nation state sovereignty genocide story.

There are a lot of intelligent people in Canada, many of them have much better ideas about government and see things for what they are, although many are censored and it is not open for discussion as it has already been decided...your vision, perspective, understanding, experience, your fundamental right to vote with an effective vote, all that is usually effectively neutralized by those in the communication establishment. This must change.

If drug companies own media, don’t expect to find out about real health, you need alternate health. If globalist multi-nationals or corporate fascist own media, bogus trade deals, anti-nation state agendas, and all sorts of political crime, fraud, treason and genocide will go unreported. If not real Canadians own media, there will never be any nationalist or pro-Canadian, nothing solution oriented for nation building.If CBC has been compromised by any, all of the above or worse (and it has already been) then you have government sponsored disaster. Do you think that is acceptable from a government that operates for your opinions? Do you think your opinion matters? Eh? Yeah, let’s pretend we are interested in democracy, hell, the people do not even know what the arsenal of democracy is, do they?

We would like to encourage every community to look after their own communication establishment, with their own initiatives, however, the ownership, control, voting and editing power needs to be verified. This prevents voting blocks from the continuous destruction, suppression and censorship of freedom of speech, something guaranteed in the Constitution and Charter of Rights (if you choose to accept and be governed by that). A simple trust but verify process and review can be in place to ensure that the mainstream fakestream news propaganda and major political parties that sponsor the crime, fraud, treason and genocide, in addition to being on the alert for the anti-nation state, pro-globalist, anti-real family, corrupt super-imposed genocide culture is forbidden. This is something that is not being truly done now, as the communication establishment serves the political establishment in addition to those who don’t want you to know, to communicate, debate openly, to be organized, to defend your position, your industries, jobs, communities, families and so on. This freedom of choice in the arsenal of democracy empowers every community.

A local owned, control, voting and editing element for news is providence for a community, as anyone can contribute, you need to know that citizen journalism is a great idea, surveys, questionnaires and finding ways to generate democratic consensus of the participating members, and community citizens will be such a refreshing and revitalizing experience it will be unlike anything, it will be the arsenal of democracy, sponsored by you.

If you look for it, you will find that major mass media publications buy up or put out of business local papers, usually with a free versus a price. Their costs are ofter covered with greater advertising rates, less local and less relevant news with corresponding loss of freedom of speech, mass media filler articles, and usually no honest debate concerning hot topics, vision or what people really want, like, know, or care about. Now, if a company owns 175 newspapers, television and radio, how much freedom of speech do you think you have? Do you really know what is going on, or what others are thinking in your own community, region, province or anywhere in Canada?

A community newspaper or local magazine and radio is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your community, Canada and the future. This is also essential in your understanding of the peace, order, good government, freedom and democracy, and that is restoring the trust, credibility, integrity and real representation of people with their government, as you are a part of if, hands on, involved in one way or another. You have the duty and responsibility, right, something you can exercise like freedom, personal choice, power, creative imagination...eventually you will get it right? Get organized, make it happen, your freedom depends on it! Local communications can even be audited by various criteria. Certainly, not repeating mainstream fakestream news and having independent citizen journalists will go a long way.

Real effective representation, just like freedom of speech, why would you give that up? Of course if you wanted open honest debates at election time, and not listen to the same old canned recordings, mass media propaganda that tries to control and suppress you, you might do this anyway, we hope so.

Make you own entertainment, cover news about people, enterprise, industry, community, social, political, economic, enterprise and industry issues like no tomorrow. You must know that globalism, genocide maniacs and people engaged in treason don’t want you to know that others think like you, that some things are just not right, some things must change, that they are unacceptable and is not the real Canada. They don’t want you to have freedom of speech, as if you look at the ownership and control of newspapers and mass media communication, you would find evidence of all kinds of interesting things and some relevant and irrelevant to you, your community and values.

Freedom of speech is essential to civilization and the survival of Canada.

Many people are becoming more aware and also recognize the bio-hazards of microwave towers, cellular phones, smart meters (more enforced genocide by government hydro companies) wifi baby watchers (implicated in infant sudden death syndrome) radar baby carriages and other wifi hazards. Considerable research can be found at, the electrosensitive, and others like that. It is a communication and health issue, everyone in government is passing the buck, the same as industry, and deceptions and dishonesty is only part of the everyday strategy in government sponsored crime, genocide and treason.

People have been lied to, deceived and defrauded. Society is being bombarded with a genocide machine that operates 24/7. Even phone companies and communication companies are unable to get the insurance for product liability as insurance companies know what microwaves do. Most people don’t know that, and neither do they read the fine print as phone companies are back pedalling to avoid liability litigation with their, “Disclaimer” or other fine print. You can argue about it, but it will change nothing. People have been bribed, evidence has been suppressed and people censored, mostly with the help of mass media, as a non issue. This must change.

With the right kind of leadership, understanding, wisdom and vision, Health Canada and Industry Canada can work together to change this and create a more pro-life environment that is not dedicated to pro-genocide as is now. The current licensing and placement of cellular towers so that communities have no say regardless of democratic consensus, their vote, their bi-laws or otherwise, will be obsolete. Nothing stops communities from class action lawsuits, which is forecasted to rise and increase considerably in 2017 and beyond and entirely within the considerable power of the people to get the justice they need. People in government like to pretend they are for you promoting more cellular coverage for phones, but this is enforced genocide, smart meters/spy meters and genocide war machines, not just for people, but all life.

Corporations have no idea about real risk management especially pertaining to the continuous use of genocide technology, not to mention all the spy and crime, accidents and other dysfunctional behaviours as a result. Yes, almost everyone like their phone, but it is bad news. The good news is, you can do something about it, and with a pro-active decision and effort you can really hammer the point home for justice, health and freedom of communication.

It is also important to reduce and eliminate the mainstream fakestream news, the propaganda machine, their endless lies, discussion of nothingness, they are opposed to the individual, the family, free enterprise, forget it, corporate fascism and globalism, selling out the country with endless treason and clever covert subterfuge, no conscience-no problem, endless social, sexual and emotional dysfunction, the war against the family and true values, the war against the individual and awesome creativity, their effort to super impose their culture of endless genocide.

Anyone can find out who owns, control, votes and edits their local or other news and take an appropriate course of action. You might not notice, you might never look for it or realize it, but some things are covered, others are not, and those that are, are usually not slanted in your direction, not for your freedom, health, prosperity, opportunity, the education system, your family, enterprise, community or the survival of the nation state, a sovereign country.

Any community can create a local community news publication, you don't need a multi-million dollar printing press spanning acres. It can be like a co-operative, or a corporation, everything can be in trust, citizen journalism where everyone has freedom of speech is important and valued. Actual printing ability is essentially as many things can be hacked and censored. The arsenal of democracy is essential, even as the proliferation of the ideas and ideals of the Policy Development presented here. Discuss it, spread the news, get people involved, sign up and be part of the action, renew that energy, passion, vitality, that awesome sense of hope, confidence and trust, because it all depends on you, the citizen. It is not better to do nothing and let the enemy succeed by default with their global brand of tyranny, stupidity, oppression, crime, the slave drivers, the masters of debt, sky high insane gambling that goes light years beyond practical mathematics, and all those things that defraud your democracy and quality of life.

Do you get the point? Now what are you going to do? Do nothing, forget about it, die? Or do you have your marching orders, to the beat of your own drum...? Only you can decide. Life, freedom, the individual, prosperity, the community, Canada, a new version, an alternate reality for Canada in the 21st century, can be yours by choice. Something really pro family, community, individual, true values, free speech. Ownership, control, voting and editing power? Why should you have anything less? When people talk about self esteem, what about personal validation of writing or speaking, freedom of speech in local communication? Is that acceptable only for “Liberalism”? You should read the book “Liberalism”. When people talk about freedom of choice, do they ever refer to “The War against the family” ? Another book that goes light years beyond reality TV. When people talk about ethnic demographics and discrimination, do they ever talk about “the war against whitey”? The list goes on and on, you see, you really need true democracy now don’t you? It all begins with ownership, control, voting and editing power on a local and national level. This is being worked out for you right now.

Or you can continue with media deceptions, propaganda, censorship, enforced crime, spy, fraud, treason and genocide and all the useless distractions that exist so you don’t know what the government is doing, or what is really going on in the economy, business or society...maybe we should talk.

Fake news wages ware against democracy, threatens freedoms, divides people and communities, censors relevant information, facts and truth as it hides and ignores truth and promotes corruption and injustice, propaganda and mind control. No freedom of speech, no arsenal or democracy, sounds simple enough, the reality is much worse…