Canadian Mint

Maybe, just maybe something more Canadian, promote Canada not frivolous non-Canadian foreign stuff on our coins and our stamps! In our official languages, not foreign! As in French or English, not Chinese!Too much Chinese on our stamps and coins. What about the year of the moose, the caribou, the elk, the bear, the eagle, the wolf, the coyote, the fox, the wolverine, the deer and so on? Eh? Our culture, for the union of Canada, not division. Obviously the place has been infiltrated and corrupted!

We can all be proud of the great work done at the Canadian Mint. They pioneered advanced Canadian coin technology which is really remarkable. Polymer notes are also amazing too.

Now, really the Canadian Mint does a fantastic job, you can usually see what they have to offer at your local Canada Post office. Advanced, state of the art, very creative, eh. It just makes you want to start collecting coins, right, and stamps too if you have not already started when you were about 10 years old and full of imagination and intrigue about Canada and the world, wow, look at that stamp, cool.

Once upon a time in the future, a new tasking will take place, this will involve the debt free interest free money. This will be backed up by treasury reserves. This includes much more than just gold, but also any type and amount of metals and minerals or other resources. This is also backed up with real goods and services. Real money is not created to give away for nothing, it must actual buy products and services.

It is possible that some coins in the future will be more counterfeit proof. We know the content and metal has changed in our money, we can tell with a magnet, and we can do some serious analysis. Most of us know who counterfeits just about everything and we also know that there are initiatives and actions we can take to minimize this, with counter measures or otherwise, not just in money but our products and technologies too. After all, there are no serial numbers on coins, is there? Good luck with that, right?

Now, what ever happened to that truck carrying all those Loonies that had an accident up in northern Ontario? Let’s see, yes, that was a good investigation, wasn’t it? Obviously there is room for improvement, it is the biggest room in the world actually, right next to the Canadian Mint.

Selling gold reserves off so that there is next to nothing is a stupid idea. We might be inclined to think someone in government ordered that to do some financial engineering, make us look bad, like no respect, humiliate us, make us feel poor, stupid, you know, dumb Canadians, another psychological operation, but we will catch you on the flip, won’t we?

Naturally, there are foreign entities and agents dictating to Canada, or terrorizing Canada or someone in government, as terrorism is the use of force or the threat of the use of force, and this is evidently being employed against us to our disadvantage and to the advantage of someone else. Simple eh? Previously covered in ‘why smart people do stupid things’. There are some people who are familiar with what is going on in gold markets, along with the stock market and international gold movements, and it is quite intriguing. Looking behind the scenes, an incredible range of events not really reported in the mainstream news is going on. Political economic manoeuvring and other shenanigans is to be expected, and gold is only part of the equation.

Of course by now, you must know that there is much more than two sides to the coin, right?

The Canadian Mint products is tangible, they are value and represent value. They exist to enable, augment and amplify economic power. This is the measurement, the make it happen part of the equation often related to machinery, materials, personnel and infrastructure. It is essential that inflation from taxes and interest payments do not continue to devalue our money and that the money is real M1 money backed up by solid Treasury Reserves. This is a strategic, operational and tactical advantage providing a considerable range of relevant options for deployment.

When someone talks about turning the economy around on a dime, they never once considered debt free money creation, getting rid of compound interest payments of eternal debt or having Treasury Reserves, never. Economic nationalism, protectionism, never. Restricted imports and enforced anti-dumping, never. Extracting more taxes, forced labour - as in slavery or next to no honest or fair compensation, fewer civil rights if any, are just some of the standard globalist raider establishment actions, their modus operandi. No, to devalue someones currency and endless work for nothing with hardly anything to show for the effort is normal.

After all our work, if people made money and could save some after expenses, they might invest it in some worthwhile productive enterprise, create jobs, careers, products and services and greatly increase the quality of life in a local or national scale. Venture capital would be normal, buying Made in Canada and Product of Canada would be possible, all with real money created by the Canadian Mint. Getting rid of the penny is not very brilliant is it? A penny saved is a penny earned, try telling that to your kid. Like now, there is no inflation is there? That is why house prices have jacked up 20 to 30 % in the last year, there is no inflation, everything is under control, all this obscene criminal immigration has nothing to do with sky high housing prices, does it? No, that is totally sustainable, you like sustainability, right?

That is better than work hard, play hard, we have hard currency, it is high powered Canadian money backed up with a whole lot more than you could ever imagine. With the resources and people in Canada, there is no good reason to have debt created money by Treasury Bonds and next to no real M1 money, the hard currency. Any other reasons involve debt, genocide and treason, not too mention stupid incorrigible economic policies to enforce control on people that would rather be left alone and not annoyed by some government. Why not private equity, national equity, real money and power to create new wealth, new productivity, new creativity, new prosperity, new opportunity?

Now, the velocity of money has slowed considerably. If globalists are always taking, controlling, limiting and not recirculating or paying fair wages, that does not help. A slow velocity money means it takes longer to make it, to have something left over to spend, save or invest. It takes too long to get what you need to make things happen. This means more expense to get every dollar. This could include travel time and other logistical costs, such as vehicles, maintenance, fuel, oil, repairs, and also everyday costs of living, accommodations and so on in a personal or enterprise budget, and even other investment, machinery, infrastructure and labour costs, all to make it happen.

So essentially, the velocity of money, that is the Canadian Mint M1 hard currency must be increased. That means it must be available. That means products and services in real economic activity, is paid for and deployed to good use. This is not for endless speculation in financial markets and debt and interest schemes that devalue and deflate money and cause inflation in goods and services, to drive hard bargains, or engage in currency warfare, or ruin foreign economies, it is for Canada and Canadians.

So, essentially with a real solid economic plan, the Canada Mint will have a significant role in exciting money creation in real M1 money that is used for purposeful moral policy based on true values and Canadian Values, the national building principals that work and can build the kind of future we envision without equal.