Canada Post - only solutions to the toughest question will work for Canada Post...

Do Canada Post issues go beyond efficient routes, home delivery, lower costs, and enhanced compensation for store outlet personnel? Yes they certainly do.

Is the current threat of a strike justifiable by the quest for job security and benefits? No it is not.

Is having a job by a government monopoly not a benefit or job security? Yes, what more could you ask for?

Is it possible that Union agendas in addition to secret agendas that may exist by operatives within government or any number of entities and personnel, have the very real potential of being in contempt of peace, order and good government, while undermining by detrimental actions the very performance characteristics of the Crown Corporation in addition to nation state sovereignty? Yes, obviously, we were not born yesterday.

Is there evidence of actions or the non-performance of actions that exceed Canada Post mandates, or act against the operational parameters. In actuality, yes, there are several examples of this in every community.

Do you remember the Local Delivery & Other Locations Delivery Box? You probably do...

Why all the mail delivery going to the same place, to a big central processing operation hundreds of miles or kilometres away to return to go across town or the street? What’s with that eh? To be inefficient and bureaucratic to justify more of something we don’t need.

Is it true that the government likes to photograph everything to spy on Canadians? Maybe not, but is this not a known thing about what is being done?

Has anyone conducted any efficiency studies for Canada Post logistics? Maybe yes, some are aware, there may be scientific studies even as they are people with a watch to keep track of logistics.

Scientific studies, as you may know, mass time velocity equals great customer service. Is that too much of a stretch for the imagination? Has anyone done a comprehensive survey, questionnaire or studies?

We know that there are dedicated, perceptive and competent people in Canada Post, they might be slowed down, possibly by superior management with seniority who are afraid of looking slow, stupid, incompetent or have the fear of losing their job, just like in any union, or suffer from other agendas, covert, subliminal or otherwise and not necessarily sponsored, promoted or directed by the government.

Is there a process in place for subcontractors to make their recommendations for greater efficiencies, or are they almost completely ignored and opposed ‘au contraire’ ? In talking with real world Canada Post delivery personnel, they seem to be ignored, invalidated and censored, certainly little credit is given, received or appreciated by these outstanding personnel dedicated to delivering your mail from anywhere to know what they say.

Are good ideas, that are relevant, timely and efficient from personnel, passed on and received from upper management with any level of acknowledgement, followup, accountability and resolution?

Is it possible good ideas forwarded to upper management or other personnel, may actually be working against those constructive ideas and promising points of interests, possibly with another agenda, buried within a covert operation to discredit Canada Post? Yes, people in politics with an agenda and mean streak do all kinds of irrational things.

Why would anyone try to discredit Canada Post? Is it to make them look stupid, inefficient, incompetent, to annoy and frustrate Canadians, to get people to go “more electronic, internet and email” (even though that’s not what most Canadians don’t want)? All of the above and more, some of it classified, sorry.

Is the process of discrediting Canada Post more like a continuation of a super-imposed agenda initiated by the previous Conservative government, in order to privatize it for their buddies, and once privatized, rectify the engineered sabotage of all the good work and excellent service provided by Canada Post personnel? Yes, people without a conscience are predictable. Section 91 means nothing, loyalty to Canadians is probably not going to happen with the big three, it is a mathematically anomaly triggered by a rogue neuron.

Would that mean the current situation and evidence is a continuation of defrauding Canadians, the enforced genocide of a Section 91 Federal power, abrogation of duty, and attack on nation state sovereignty, the acts of breach of trust, committing betrayal and treason, and total contempt of peace, order and good government? Yes, that might be over doing it a bit, but basically yes. We don’t state things categorically here like some people do, it is all about the law and that point of reference.

Are there any good lawyers with a conscience and understanding of plain simple government, or will they too shut up and say nothing? Yes, there are a few brilliant, competent and dedicated lawyers that really get it, they are the real gladiators, along with the citizens who know what is fair and right and what is not. They want their mail too.

Are there no routing code logistics for efficient delivery like the internet? We know that people in Canada Post know how to deliver the mail, so who or what is preventing them from doing their job? Yes, people know how to get things there quickly and directly, but they art not the boss.

From anywhere to anyone, or something like that is quite an achievement for the second largest country in the world, as diverse as Canada is, right? Do you know how big this country really is? Do you really know Canadian geography? What about the Canadian Geographic Magazine? Eh? Awesome, fantastic, massive, people should travel more, they would understand the logistics of getting their mail wherever they need it in Canada and around the world, that is quite a deal.

Now what about that stamp? Is it too much money for the average person? Are higher costs and less quality and timely delivery caused by contrary or even hostile people, because someone in the government, the union or other exo-political entity or agenda is the driving force, that enforces higher costs, inefficiencies, poor contract management and so on, to drive up costs for ulterior reasons? That could all be true, this must change.

What is the governing Liberal party tactic? Let’s pretend to have a review while we plot to sell of Canada Post, ya, maybe on Christmas say or new years when nobody is looking. Isn’t that what the Conservatives would do? Are they the same bunch, but a different brand? The NDP probably would not get rid of Canada Post, they like fan mail and prompt communication too much. Naturally, anyone anywhere could be subject to life threatening possibilities, our job is to make sure nobody is at risk from these incursions and threats to national sovereignty to security of people.

What about the people who work at Shoppers in the Canada Post corner, doesn’t anyone care about them? People do care, they know something is not quite right. They don’t have corresponding pay for the time they are actually doing Canada Post related work. They receive regular pay from their employer. They can’t just apply for a Canada Post job with relevant qualifications.

Is there something that can be done that works better for the sub contracted personnel, something more fair, or is that equality impossible because one is in a union and the other is not, a common peasant, a third class citizen? Yes, something can be done that does not invalidate the concerns of someone else, slow down delivery or cause other problems.

What about the sub-contractors doing all the delivery, can we not do any better for them, why the second class no benefits for doing what really is a government job, a monopoly at that? A Section 91 and 92 deal is both useful and powerful. There is not reason more cannot be done for all personnel involved in the Canada Post endeavour.

Is it not possible that these sub-contracting people can have an official Canada Post vehicle, better pay and benefits” Must they be treated like they are nobody and that they have nothing valid to contribute? Yes, more can be done.

Are the down to earth boots on the ground logistics based in real world scenarios, or are we just dreaming? Are they ignored because they are not union, not real Canada Post employees? Is this treatment towards sub-contractors really fair, right, acceptable or even wise? Yes, probably and no. All these concerns and operational elements can be improved on and this will lead to a greater quality of everyday life and better mail delivery. Something we can all enjoy, benefit from and appreciate year round.

What about rural deliveries? Has anyone studied the distribution of jobs, and demographics? Is it really true that the straight white male is totally or mostly ignored for new jobs or existing opportunities? Reverse discrimination, anyone but whitey eh, ah yes, is that true? Would anyone like to look at the evidence? Do we need a Royal Commission, a public inquiry? Or would the government prefer to censor that and make it extremely difficult to access that information? If we told you the truth now, you would might be shocked, annoyed or simply surprised.

Is it true that new immigrants take about 75% of the jobs in rural mail distribution? Is that how they qualified to get into Canada, at the expense of denying an ordinary Canadian a job? Now if that is temporary foreign workers? No, but what evidence is there that there was nobody available to take a job, and subsequently providing all the perks and benefits to the new immigrant?

If you consider the bigger picture of what kind of people we need here that may provide more opportunities or qualification, Postal Delivery is not on the list, so why the massive difference and overwhelming evidence of discrimination and favouritism? What about proportional demographics? Has anyone audited Canada Post on official employment policies and real world actualities? How is equality working for you or anyone else? We are unable to answer that at this time.

Is there no suggestion box and follow up for local, regional and national initiatives, course corrections and so on? If no follow up or accountability is in place, why not? We don’t know for sure. It is a union, generally go to work, don’t offer suggestions, take your money and run, nobody wants to know anything outside a bureaucracy do they?

Is the union or management intolerant to individuals with good ideas, even brilliant strokes of genius, because they have no seniority, they are not in the Union, or that they are only upstart subcontractors, or something like that? That is the experience of some people.

Is the current mix of MPs really better than the last ones from the previous election, have they no valid solutions? Or are they too busy contributing to admissible evidence of selling out the country like the last bunch of globalist traitors? Could you repeat that question...?

If we are responsible and have real money and a government and citizens with vision and understanding, this is a whole new playing field right? We could actually restore things to efficient first class service, right? Yes, certainly. People in Canada Post know how to do that right, right before your eyes, right now, as in poof, here is your mail. They don’t like hassles, politics or being chased or bit by dogs either at work or anytime, give’em a brake.

We could have whistleblower rules and amnesty for Canada Post personnel right? After all, obscene immigration policies allow all kinds of amnesty, rights and benefits with no responsibilities for people all around the world arriving in Canada with many backgrounds, characteristics and personalities that are not in the best interest of Canada and Canadians, right? Yes, more integrity is a good think, but maybe things could be resolved better before it goes ballistic at that stage.

Subversion by diversion, sabotage by misdirection and enforced inefficiencies is not really proper and ethical is it now? No it isn’t. However Canada Post can easily produce more good solid paying jobs by doing the right thing, and that is ethical.

Naturally if there is a culture super imposed values, agenda and technique or operations that is not pro-Canadian, we have a problem don’t we? Eh? Yes, privatizing mail delivery to some foreign entity will not work for Canada ever, although you might hear or read differently from a mass media publication that is not really pro-Canadian.

With the big Canada Post strike potential, a sign on bonus of $1,200.00 per person time 52,000 people is $62,400,00.00. What are the wages, the pension, the benefits, come on now, what are they? Go ahead, check the math. Is it a proven thing that Liberals cannot do the math? Sorry to answer your question with a question, sometimes it is irresistible and reflex like.

Is it true Conservatives are better than Liberals at doing math because they are selling out the country as fast as they can and doing maximum damage with all the treasonous trade deals? Most people would agree.

Do you think that MPs know the money involved? Or are they simply hypnotized, operating under threats from a terrorist organization, or something else? Or is it more about the thrill of destroying nation state sovereignty, a big mover in the new world order of treason, crime, fraud and genocide? Yes, now, maybe so, another day in a modified version of home wrecker...our home - Canada?

Yes, we know, some of the biggest wages and pensions in the country is not enough. Isn’t having a job a benefit? Is a Federal government job that is a monopoly, not a benefit and job security enough? As in look at section 91 and 92. Is a union really necessary? Are postal people so abused they need a union? Or is the union really a criminal organisation that applies terrorist tactics of the use of force or the threat of the use of force to get what it wants? You can answer that right?

Of course when people in a government collude and conspire with criminal elements, making something like Canada Post seem so backward and money losing, that people will say, ya sell it, privatize it. Only treasonous people, some with a pedigree, some without, would do such a thing. This notwithstanding the section 91 powers. There we go, once again, crime, fraud, treason, genocide, all so democratic. They are engaged in a new type of fraud called “Asset recycling” that is privatizing it, you know, to your buddies, after all what are they there for?

The real question is what will the current Prime Minister, the MP dream team, Union and anyone else do? After all, somebody somewhere has real power right? Or are they still puppets, with no ideals, true values, vision, integrity or conscience. Stay tuned, they really might surprise us, perhaps someone somewhere will read this, maybe they will take it to heart. We could still have the best Prime Minister ever, we could have a high performance Canada Post that is the world’s best, certainly one we call can be proud of.

Finally, remember that the single stamp is still much better privacy than all that encryption, website cookies, spyware, malware, super cookies (but not the macadamia or peanut butter cookies with the fork print) and hassle of electronic communication and lack of privacy, right? Maybe things could be different....and we did not even talk about Postal Banks, savings accounts or fancy new stamps either, amazing eh?