Canada Pension Plan

The last count was nearly $300 billion in unfunded liabilities, with misdirected and wasteful foreign and national investment management.

Obviously, to do justice to pensions the government can easily increase payout to Pensioners, but by what, more debt? If anything pension will be cut. The Liberal government does not respect Canadians, certainly not pensioners that build the country for the last 50 years or so, even less. They are, with the Conservatives so quick to give it away to people who arrive and live here after only a few years, with the greatest of ease and least of qualifications.

Obviously, cancelling the compound interest on the national debt retro-actively to 1974 is the only real and practical action to take. This goes back to when, somebody really messed up with the math, with the Treasury Bond, private banking debt financing and so on. Good people are and have been investigating this in greater detail.

What we are confronted with is having cutbacks or more unmanageable debt and economic genocide. Governments can panic, sell off assets, aka privatization, not good, especially with all the vast powers entrusted to the Federal government, you wouldn’t think that abrogation and total refusal to do one’s Constitutional duty and job description would be a problem, would you?

Of course there is almost unlimited money for other non-Canadians, anti-Canadians and so on, as many Canadians have noticed and complained about or rather explained. Our choices are simple, looking after our own, people who have lived and worked here and made real tangible contributions to Canada. Or not really honestly and whole heartedly look after Canadians. This is a serious issue, because the stories we know about are so incredibly not fair and represent a total lack of justice, personify breach of trust and expand treason to every Canadian.

With the CPP, If you look at demographics and voting power alone, anyone who is collecting Canada Pension or expects to can certainly vote for someone with integrity for so many good reasons, re-activating the Bank of Canada to restore the real M1 money creation instead of Treasury Bond debt and interest payments of $60 billion or so every year, or face cutbacks, insolvency and other detrimental factors against those who deserve and need it the most. Of course the right person to vote for is a person who is or can be in a different kind of government that is pro-Canada, with more of a founding people based government that are dedicated to Canada, and not traitors or genocide maniac or engaged in fraud, crime, deception or selling out the country. Did you get that?

Of course there are many more awesome reasons to vote for the right kind of government or political party or be a candidate! This can include any level of government, not only what we might talk about here in the primarily Federal context, and this is not limited but may include provincial and municipal levels of government, as good people are needed everywhere. Pensioners alone can easily become a candidate in a political party, be involved or simply vote to ensure that not only the Bank of Canada and real money creation is in place, but also that the Canada Pension Plan has provision to provide. For those who need to know right now, real money creation with CAP is backed up with a whole lot more than just gold, you will need to review our Treasury Reserve Policy. If this is not done, feel free to talk to the Actuary who knows about the state of reality with the CPP and how your future revenue may be effected by current and future projects. If there was only one reason to act and do something essential for your future, that would be it.

CPP Investments: Additionally, many people may not know or talk about the operations of the Canada Pension Plan or what is really going on with investment management. If you or anyone reviews some of this elements, you will find that many investments or other business and financial transactions in other parts of the world that are in actuality configured against us, our industries, communities, jobs and so on. Investments done are certainly questionable around the world, at the expense and deprivation of Canadians. Briefly review the idea about the Infrastructure Bank, now is the CPP capable of doing that, or only such bogus deals like the 407 or financing the enemy, or ignoring private enterprise because they are not the “Union type” eh? What’s that?

Once again, Canadian enterprise is denied and defrauded from something they would and could otherwise have access to, financing. Financing other countries and entities to add to their competitive advantage, that puts us Canadians at a disadvantage is a very bad idea, another dumb Canadian move, another act of treason, selling out the country, giving things away and so on. Why another countries housing and industrial infrastructure and not Canada’s? Eh? even the CPP board will have difficulties answering our questions or defending their position.

Lot’s of money on favourable terms, but not for Canada. Plenty of money for skyscrapers, but not for homeless Veterans, or even our needed infrastructure here. Money for industrial building and office towers, but not for strategic Canadian advantage. These policies need to change. We can do better. Financing the enemy that can’t wait to put us out of business, is not really proper is it? Have you seen how much stuff is not made in Canada? Eh?

Yes, that is so prestigious, the mighty CPP, global projects, yes they are all that, and Canadians, forget it. Obviously nobody thinks about right and wrong, wise and unwise. Another bunch of dumb Canadians that don’t know how to look after their own eh, amazing, we hear it all the time.

Do you think we can do better or not? OK, construction projects equals jobs, materials, machinery, manufacturing, distribution and logistics. Good solid quality paying jobs, for Canadians, get it? Do you get the point? Add engineering and all kinds of manufacturing and related services, what do you have? More jobs, a revitalized economy, a lot more industry and yes, something you can own, control and vote on.

So why insist on exporting money, jobs, factories and enabling other countries to liquidate entire industries? Right, is it because there are a bunch of traitors in government, or simply people with no vision, strategic thinking or intelligent patriotism or at least someone capable of doing sensible smart business? Are they simply not smart enough to do business in Canada, and need to get everything for two cents to the dollar, or just can’t handle all that Canadian bureaucracy?

You did not think of that did you? Do you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas. Or do you simply know that whatever amount your CPP payment is, it is not enough and probably will not get any better? Why would it, money creation by debt, endless compound interest payments, refusal to engage the Bank of Canada and corresponding entities to create new wealth for Canadians, is to much like nationalism, right?

Or is it smart and ethical business of peace, order and good government that some people in government are totally incapable of and not interested in doing? Eh?

Is higher returns or more qualified investment proposals equated with treason, industrial and economic genocide?

Is it so necessary because, yes, the government refuses to create real M1 money backed up by solid wealth, and prefers to pay interest at about $60 to 65 billion a year?

Yes, interest payments, that is so much better, lots of money for illegal, unconstitutional and unethical trade deals, bogus, hypothetical unfounded investor dispute litigation of “you hurt my feeling, you are preventing us from making billions, we will sue you”, and all kinds of useless interest payments, but a measly pittance for Pensioners, that is so Canadian eh? What do you think, could we do better?

The new book en route, the Canada Code....You can choose the high powered ethically loaded and equity rich solution, that is based on right and responsibilities with real justice, honour, integrity and care for people or you can continue with your economic, industrial and cultural genocide, it really is that simple.

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