Canada Revenue Agency

The ideal of a simple, fair, understandable tax code is something worth working for, as most Canadians would agree. Right now, it is more complex, technical and even burdensome, this will take dedicated action to improve over time. Our ideals and shared values require considerable thought and doing the math.

We can enable and augment phase in and transition zones with
corresponding provisions for a streamlined and revitalized national economy.

If we consider the ideals and altruism of peace, order and good government that are built on a solid foundation, we will find a common theme and idea. A conducive environment with more opportunity, individual creativity, dynamic productivity and exciting prosperity will generate real justice, something that is right, beneficial and even providential. These work to build a vastly improved economy for all. This translates to people individually, families, entrepreneurs, enterprise, municipalities, regions, province and territories and unified in a national endeavour.

Naturally, if the 95% of the national debt from compound interest was cancelled retro-active to the criminal defrauding and enforced economic genocide of the century the “échec du siécle”, this would change things considerable.

Not having $60-65 billion a year in interest payments would not require oppressive actions by the Canada Revenue Agency. The CRA personnel would not be doing something they did not like, that is complicating life with more paperwork, tax filing, burdensome regulations, threatening citizens, seizing assets and simply making life way too difficult and stressful with too much tax.

Yes you may know, but now connect the dots...
Considering the reality of it all, the CRA personnel would be disliked or hated less, most certainly, as now, it causes considerable grief to the people against the government. Why is that? There is not enough money to go around? Why is that? Not enough revenue, sales, or wealth producing power? Why is that? Not enough Made in Canada. Why is that? No tariffs on almost unlimited imports. Why is that? Illegal, un-ethical and un-constitutional trade deals. Why is that? More government and corporate sponsored treason and genocide that caters to globalists, transnationals and so on. Why is that? The end of the nation state? Why is that? So some people can do anything they want and there is nothing you can do about it. Why is that? Debt, slavery, genocide, death - a simple recipe for disaster sponsored and enforced by globalists who corrupt or utilize already corrupt and compromise individuals in committing more crime, fraud, genocide and treason against their country, nation state sovereignty and citizens.

Globalists are sociopaths and so is anyone in government committing genocide and treason against the citizens. They are completely unqualified to rule. We can’t have the CRA or anyone in government working for globalists and those engaged in genocide and treason against Canadian citizens, that just does not work for us. That practice will end with the right kind of people with the right kind of character in government who are in a position of power and influence, not with anyone else who is more than happy to export jobs, money and shut down whole factories and decimate industries at the expense of all Canadians. Canadians deserve better.

Globalist et al, don’t really want to pay tax or tariffs, they want anything to be made by anyone so long as it is cheap. Destroy the environment, no problem, enslave people, par for the course, record profits after your national industries and enterprise are decimated and liquidated and very difficult to recover and build from, that is normal, we see that everywhere. Censor or control the news, of course, why have freedom of speech, people might get the wrong idea, like get organized with the arsenal of democracy, yes things can change for the better, not worse like it is now.

So why the get tough with government approach?This is caused by the not enough money excuse. Why is there not enough money? We are glad you asked. The Government of Canada refuses to use the Bank of Canada in real money creation that is essential to finance the operations of the Government in addition to fulfilling their responsibilities to enable and augment greater financial power to be available to people and enterprise, and also various levels of governments across Canada.

Money creation power is authorized only with the Bank of Canada.

Although it is true you can cash out at an ATM, there is real money available that way and liquidity for the cash economy, however, the fundamental problem is the Treasury Bond debt creation engine.

For Canadians it may become more evident that financial mismanagement, being mathematically challenged and not having a more pro-Canada first policy, leads to more problems. Treason is backed up by all forms of genocide, not just economic or monetary. The practice of financing government debt creation by globalists and other money markets will end.

Now, the CRA will not be tasked with breaking the laws of monetary physics, as they are now, since the real M1 money was never created and neither was the interest to pay it. No wonder it is known as a stressful occupation with all kinds of induced health problems from the working atmosphere they are in. True or false, does anyone agree or disagree with that? Why and why not? Eh?!

We definitely need the CRA, accountants and so on. More will be required. People are like neurons in the sense that they can be interconnected and configured to solve problems, create solutions and go way beyond the existing consensus reality or operating environment to create a new alternate reality that we can all have by choice. If the mission or mandate of CRA is connected and unified with the values of society dedicated by people engaged in a more pro-Canada honest economic and monetary system, this will change things significantly, as in beyond awesome, and that is only part of the puzzle. As we make the transition for debt enforced national genocide to a more real M1 equity resource and asset backed money, the elimination of national debt and interest payments, while increasing real productivity and prosperity, will require good people in government to reduce the taxation levels, the paperwork burden, and other burdensome, detrimental and contrary practices that do not support an environment to the individual, family, enterprise, industry and nation. See, productivity and prosperity is possible, extremely possible.

We have a lot of work to do. Many things have been neglected, censored, ignored and put on the back burner or obliterated from everyday thought in Canada, including our dreams, visions and hopes of all Canadians. This includes people immigrating to Canada looking for a better quality of life and doing those things they envision. The tax code must be simplified, fair, understandable for everyone. Rectifying the money creation problem will also transform the tax system, and you will be surprised at the awesome difference in prosperity experienced once this is in place. What would you do with $60 billion a year? Lower taxes, invest, build, do something exciting just because you want to?

Of course, the founding people will have a say in this, as they are not interested in all the money give aways to foreign countries, never mind obscene immigration and all the perks, benefits and rights to people that should not be here...reverse discrimination against the founding people, families and other unacceptable inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

Adjusting the levers of power in an economic engine, a productivity machine will create prosperity for Canadians, not endless interest payments and debt to globalists and international finance and all those things we don’t need.

This might imply no more fraudulent tax bills, excessive penalties, provisions for filing where people cannot afford to pay the accountant the fees before it is sent, or inability to pay the tax bill if they do. This also means no more threatening letters from CRA, we can find more appropriate ways of communicating and working things out. For instance now many people cannot afford to pay to file their tax report, even if they are getting a refund. So, nothing gets done, it just sits there on the shelf or in the cabinet, maybe even collecting dust, just like the dreams and plans of anyone anywhere has had, who has been frustrated in their ability to make things happen, all because of....not enough money, you got it now, right?

The question of the day is, “Do you believe that real equality would be everyone paying the same percentage of tax regardless of their revenue?” Let’s see what the enlightened MPs have to say....of course it is possible that the people who say they want equality don’t really want equality, they want to dominate...naturally the least tax possible, no responsibilities and your vote if you have one does not count....which brings us back to 1974 and the Treasury that goes way beyond having gold...

Of course, since some people don’t know, and the government does not want you to know about it much less think about it, but you really need to know, it was the Trudeau government in 1974 that made the decision to go in the direction of international money market finance with the Treasury bond debt creation and the explosion of electronic debt and perpetual interest payments. Before that, the national debt of Canada was insignificant, now it is astronomical, not quite like the USA version of astronomical, however, about 95% of the national debt of Canada is due from compound interest...and then of course there are the unfunded liabilities.

Now, when somebody claims or believe that Liberals can’t do the math, it might not be entirely be true in some specific context, but they go in the direction of total national economic genocide to say the least, as in exponential debt creation that is impossible to pay. If you want a really intelligent conversation with someone who can do the math, talk to an Actuary, yeah, ask them about the pension or the probability of paying back the national debt, or the provincial debt, or even your own debt...

Conservatives are not innocent bystanders in this regard as they have had more than enough comprehensive documentation by dynamic writers presenting the facts of the debt money creation, interest crime, anti-nation state sovereignty crowd engaged in crime, fraud, genocide, selling out your country and treason, not too mention the faulty and backward approached enforced on the Canada Revenue Agency with the impossible task of revenues to pay electronic debts of money that was never created, in addition to more electronic interest payments that was never created, chasing after real hard currency that keeps getting reduced from circulation.

Of course if someone is under the thumb of a globalist control freak who prefers debt, slavery, endless payments, poverty, sickness, death and disease and very few real fulfilling jobs, well, they might feel intimidated by such terrorist tactics, instead of promoting real education and understanding concerning the nature of the real world, these cartels of control, or doing something useful like having increased freedom that economic nationalism, real M1 money and intelligent citizens free from the various sorts of debt and slavery super imposed on them.

Now the government tasks the CRA with tax collection, when in reality, if the Bank of Canada was utilized properly, national debt would be non-existent, but no, so much better to use the CRA as a terrorist organization with the use of force or the threat of the use of force to take private property, based on the right or license by a criminal act and a criminal and treasonous government, yes, that is so much better, right? How many people have received a fraudulent tax bill from CRA, who had not facts or evidence to justify the alleged tax bill? Hmmm, that is quite a list there.

Who will fight against the government, especially the CRA, when they have the power to ruin your life, cause a divorce, take everything you have? Is that not a dictatorial government, a terrorist organization, based on crime and the faulty premise of operational techniques and capabilities? Is there not a better way, a much better way?There is simply not enough real M1 money in the system, there is too much electronic money debt creation, the Bank of Canada according to Section 91 and 92, has the only authority for money creation, real money creation. Treasury bond debt and electronic debt money creation is totally unnecessary as the Infrastructure Bank is totally unnecessary.

So, imagine working for CRA, when you are tasked with breaking the laws of economic and monetary physics...a wee bit stressful, all because of the bullshit crime of 1974 and the super imposed crime, being defrauded, indebted, enslaved, suppressed, censored, discriminated against, lost opportunity, your country ruined by sabotage, mismanagement and by the hate of freedom, independence, the individual and a better quality of life...for an entire generation, totally defrauded, topped up with 95% of stuff in stores made in China, ya, the middle class, the destruction of the middle class, no jobs no revenue, no revenue no tax, not tax but endless debt and interest payments, how do you like your government now, knowing that they can’t do basic math, don’t understand basic economics, have zero wisdom and zero nation building vision, have zero integrity, have zero moral courage, and their values, yes, let us look at what their values have produced, maybe start with the school system and educational institutions...

The Conservatives have good intentions, but they are not nationalists, they are not economic nationalists, and the individual who are, might be suppressed and censored, or they don’t have the ‘spheres of influence’ which means no balls, to express their position in no uncertain terms, as in, this is the way it really is...otherwise we would have heard from them by now.

The mass media will suppress this, they will not talk about it, they will not investigate it, they will not expose it, they have no credibility that is pro-active or pro-Canada, they don’t want you to know it would take away their power and control over you, and this includes mind control, what you do and what you don’t do, what you focus on and are distracted with and what causes you to react and conform in the manner that they want, which is not limited to buying certain things and keeping their economic control machine working just the way they want it...they are not about to disclose the secrets of health, prosperity, individual independence, successful nation state sovereignty or how to have vibrant real families and successful communities and revitalized industries or cures for something that will work today, that is cheap and will never hear or read about it, drugs, vaccines, genocide recipes and programming of every type, no problem..debt free money, forget it, tax equality, reduce taxes, simplified taxation, impossible.

To be continued, lucky for you...we play hard ball at 1,000 mph not 110 mph, right? The 1,000 mph is only a warm up anyway. We like miles per hour like real M1 money, not the counterfeit version...