We are interested to recruit people that are dedicated to having
a national automotive design, engineering and manufacturing competence and greater automotive industry logistics. This also includes greater ownership, control and voting of Canadian manufacturing auto industry industrial base. This is like the National Aerospace Policy, better capital structure that offers private and public investment, development and acquisition opportunities.

Due to previous and existing governing parties lack of vision, integrity and total abrogation of “O Canada, we stand on guard for thee...” there is not much left concerning the Autopact is there? While your at it go to your nearest autoparts store and see how much is Made in Canada. If you are really interested, ask how much of what they sell is Made in Canada....please let us know how you made out.

Why is it ok to finance so many foreign automotive companies and products? Why not Canadian R & D, production, sales and exports? Why unlimited foreign vehicle imports? Why export so many jobs, money, resources? Is that really so much better? Why practically give away our natural resources in raw, semi-processed and processed state, or ready to be recycled? Why no export provisions or restrictions? More corruption, crime, treason and genocide, selling out to globalists again and again like an incorrigible repeat offender? Is that so much better? What now? You don’t want to talk about it do you?

Many might make the connection that foreign owned car companies and foreign based unions do not work at our advantage here in Canada. The union can easily jack up wages, benefits and so on sky high, and guess what happens? Poof, there goes your jobs, or sales.
The automobile company versus the cultural marxist anti nation state union:

What happened to auto companies and industry in Canada?

Yes you can have $70 or $100 per hour, no problem, we will build or buy more robots, we will corrupt government to make trade deals to our advantage, we can make what we want, where we want under any conditions without regulations or environmental conditions with people who are expendable and import it back to Canada and there is nothing you can do about it.

We control the jobs, we control the contracts, we control the pricing, we control the control, voting, ownership and voting....hell we even control the media, even though you the government have all the power, you don’t have the balls, moral courage or vision to do anything are a wimp, a puppet, a globalist pawn, with no conscience and not enough brains to figure it out even if someone tells you to your face…prove that otherwise.

So yes, you will continue to import cars, go in debt, buy cheap imported parts because your factories are gone, pay extortion ransom to car dealers to fix your piece of junk electronic sensors and plastic and trouble codes that have been engineered to fail and suck the money from your pocket like a vacuum and burden you with stress because you might miss work and you need all the money you can get your hands on because the jobs don’t pay and inflation is sky-high, even though the government deceives you and says everything is fine, you know better, but you just can’t do any better can you?

You have forgotten how to work, you are too high on your GMO weed to care, your opioid pain killer addiction prescribed by your incompetent genocide globalist doctor will never fix you, and you will forget everything that matters the most, distracted with everything, nothing and bullshit, cellular phones - your portable microwave genocide weapon that you hold so dear, that without it your life would crumble, as your reproductive and thinking capacity is reduced by total invisible genocide, and if that is not enough, more wifi in your house and car, 24/7 nuking,

Followed up with endless fake news and propaganda by the ultra racist globalist masters of crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality, with their immoral stupid dumb ass television programs that wage galactic war against the individual, the war against the family, the community, the industry, enterprise, true values and nation state sovereignty, economic systems and entire civilisations, invisible war, direct war, psycological war and proxy war, no problem, currency war, trade war, industrial war, drug war, immorality war, liberal fascists, globalists, traitors versus patriots and nationalists, the war against free enterprise, family business, the war against private property, firearms and the right to seld defence, the war against national defence and nation state sovereignty and against civil defence militias, the war against freedom, the war against health, the war against the church, and yes most certainly, the automobile industry war.

With all that war, it is possible that You will have been mind wiped, like a victim of an alien intruder who laughs and cries at your vulnerable emaciated state, deceived by being high and the freedom from pain that was promised, but impossible to deliver as it was a lie of gigantic proportions, dedicated to defraud you, to rob you and to deceive you, to incapacitate you so that you could not realize what was actually going on, and if you did, you would feel overwhelmed beyond measure,

If you did not choose to build character, to exercise moral courage, to stand tall and strong with an industrious work ethic, a solid confidence and conviction in doing the right thing, which would have been the arsenal of democracy, with freedom of speech, you could change the world, but you sit in silence, afraid of some piece of garbage that might challenge you with a scatological arrogance whose end is only poverty, slavery, debt, genocide, immorality disguised as freedom, the enemy that is liberalism, promoted by a tyrant and bully, a dictator whose life you could end if you wanted to, but no, instead you do something else. Hindsight is 20/20 eh, now choose to build character and exercise moral courage and the super power of faith to go forward, like believe in something…Made in Canada anyone?

You could choose thoughtful patriotism, economic nationalism and self sufficiency of rugged individualism and creative imagination that could easily be deployed in defending your country, the founding people and all the good things that create and preserve a much better quality of life. You have it in your power.


We would like to promote more Canadian designed and built vehicles, secure supply lines and high quality parts. Greater financial resources and integrated infrastructure to capitalize on what we have, would be a good step in the right direction.

If you consider that a fantastic design engineering, advanced manufacturing and secure supply lines would be an everyday strategic asset that could vastly improve the quality of life, you could choose to be involved, for more Canadian content and increase the Canadian automobile and auto parts industry.

Instead of vehicles made from rotten rusty cancerous thin metal, how about something more nationalist, like white supremacist, real high quality steel, instead of cheap ghetto garbage from a scrap yard somewhere else? The word choice is integrated to detect the detectors, not that we don't know who they are or what they are doing and how they are doing it…but since we control the narrative, we will keep it that way, that is our privilege….hahahaha, now back to real quality.

Naturally, since you don’t own it or control it, not even through a co-operative, development and acquisition buying group or trust, you could never expect to create, sustain or have a good solid quality family rated job or high quality parts for your vehicle, could you? Do you get the point?

Of course, if you believe corporations should have more power than the Government of Canada, you forget that all this tariff free - role out the industrial economic rug for foreign take overs and dumping can quickly come to a grinding halt. You may be betting that the current PM and MPs have no conscience and zero nationalist intelligent patriotism, right? We will continue to collect evidence for and against on your behalf. What is tricky, people with a new set off promises, with the appearance of real good Canadian intentions, when in reality, it could be another level of deception and treason in the works, how do we know? To make promises is one thing, write a platform to attract various voter demographics is another, but what is the real track record, for the last 30 years or so?

People in government might eventually realize they have been terrorized, deceived and blackmailed and really have annoyed lots of Canadians by being not defending or promoting a solid manufacturing base. It is possible they deceive the people who elected them in the first place and now their corrupt colours of fraud, genocide and treason are more evident...

People will realize that there really are good people in government and people who could be in government that really cares about real Canadians and doing the right thing for Canada. This includes solid revenue streams and new wealth generating power that a revitalized industrial base would deliver. Being empowered with our own creative, productive and profitable automotive industry would change everything. Doing nothing only ensures being left behind, being defrauded, out of work and being forced to buy something that exports money, further restricts new jobs, career opportunities and enterprise creation. Is that what you really want? Is there a vision of the future that is a lot more interesting, exciting, challenging, rewarding, productive and profitable, something with an incredible panorama of opportunity that await, invites, inspires and intrigues you?

The automotive products, parts, services and money creation engine with Product of Canada priority would change things considerably for Canada. It can be done by rerouting the main money supply. Instead of having very little national production, we could have a whole lot more at our advantage...strategic, operational, tactical and logistical transportation, industrial and economic advantage. Now who is offering you that? Who has presented to you anything like that at all to you?

We make that distinction with Product of Canada, because a lot of people don’t realize Made in Canada can actually be made physically somewhere else, and value is added, like packaging, wrapping, warehouse and logistics to fraudulently claim Made in Canada, in case you didn’t this must change totally. Otherwise we are confronted with corporate and government sponsored fraud, right...or didn’t you know, the government does not want you to know, and certainly not the corporations, because if you really know how many companies were doing that you would be shocked, and you would never look at Made in Canada the same again...this is bad new, yes, but good news in that you are now aware and can make a pro-active plan of action and create the future you can have by choice.

On a side note, vehicles should not have wifi inside, it is a bio-hazard, it is like driving a microwave oven turned on...and more to be discussed in a vastly improved Health Canada Policy. Autonomous vehicles, forget it, anything electronic can be hacked, it can be remote controlled and people can die. That would not be responsible, and certainly would not add to peace, order and good government. Some people and governments like that, the control, to stop, disable, a drone strike is not much different from a car strike is, WHAM...did you get the idea of the impact, or should we dispatch someone to hack the nearest car and get the message across personally? Not likely eh? Own, control, vote, edit...get it? Media, cars, industry...wakey wakey...

Did you know that wifi and cell phones in your car turns it into a microwave genocide weapon, less dangerous than a microwave oven but still dangerous. Radar (a class B1 carcinogen) in cars everywhere, bad idea, more DNA shredding and accelerated aging, they didn’t tell you that did they? Mass media didn’t tell you did they? The government didn’t tell you did they? The same thing with wifi baby watchers, ultrasound...more genocide to wipe you out, maim you, disable you, make you sick, stupid, incompetent...things like that, as if getting in a car accident was not bad enough, and poisoned food, air, soil, water and minds was not enough, you can get more nuked if you really want to, and if you don’t want to, someone will be more than happy to nuke you...economically, industrially, financially and thoughtfully...

Health Canada or Industry Canada is nor doing their job properly, are they? So nuking people in their cars has to be a definite no no, right? Unless you are engaged in covert genocide you would do something else, right? You never heard or read that anywhere before did you? You can feel free to dump your stock, for autonomous robot cars and wifi genocide equipped cars, it’s ok.

What about a revitalized national locomotive and rail industry; we need a lot more railway infrastructure for many strategic and tactical logistics reasons, in addition to a return to things that built the country and unified it. The steam age, nostalgia, something unique and awesome, without equal, for Canadians, by Canadians, not for everyone else to use it against us to put us out of business, like endless trainloads of stuff and junk made somewhere else...see the videos...