A national aerospace policy that is relevant, dynamic, visionary and awesome to enable, augment and amplify a comprehensive strategic, operational and tactical advantage of a logistical capability. This can be directed to defence, airlines, general civil aviation, air transportation, space communications and space technology.

Creating an environment conducive to the development and prosperity of industry, enterprise, products and services, and increased opportunity or public and private equity, venture capital, long term active management.

This can amplify general and advanced technology, manufacturing, design engineering, personnel education, trades, competence, character and workforce deployment. Personnel can be more invested, in terms of working ownership, active management, enterprise and co-development.

This includes more exciting immediate and long term projects, prime, sub-contract and co-development opportunities, applied and experimental research and development, OEM-original equipment supply, and a revitalized high quality secure supply chain. This means going beyond the technical definition of Made in Canada with Product of Canada, lots of engineering and manufacturing and good solid quality well paying family rated jobs and careers for the long term.

Enterprise development and financial resources for capital structure, with long term capital dedicated to new projects, products, services, infrastructure, capabilities, resources and supply chain management.

This means greater financial resources and capabilities and vastly increased private and public investment, development and acquisition opportunities.

Provisions for intellectual property, co-development, control, ownership, voting and revenue stream for technology and enterprise endeavours, with better corresponding public and private provisions. This equates with extremely good governance at a whole new level of understanding, accountability and opportunity. Looking after the well being of all people involved, now and in the future.

It appears that a national aerospace policy has been avoided fundamentally. This may be partly due from the genocide and treason and total lack of vision of the Deifenbaker Conservative Party era, concerning the Avro Arrow, in addition to other countries efforts of having weaker allies, export and control of aircraft, capabilities and subsequent command and control elements of another nations defence capabilities.

Arrow notes: Not too many people in government want to discuss the Arrow fiasco. The aerospace industry genocide and abortion of the Avro Arrow in particular with total treason is unacceptable behaviour for any government or agent. The “there is no money excuse” is not true as there was plenty of money if you look at the Government of Canada expenses and the Bank of Canada money supply and management. There has been nobody remotely motivated to resolve or rectify this. With a much more pro-Canada governing entity that has an ideal and actions of greater self sufficiency and economic industrial strategy, this can be vastly different. Tough command decisions is part of exercising courage, valour, fortitude and a certain conviction of knowing what is right. Interception capabilities is one aspect of total force resource capabilities available for deployment.

Scrapping the Avro Arrow by sociopathic government and criminal associates is comparable to not creating real money with the Bank of Canada that you own, and choosing to create electronic debt with a corresponding compound interest of about 95% of the national debt. Choosing to finance your economy with foreign money and debt and endless interest payments that build nothing, is like buying or acquiring foreign aircraft, your own capacity is diminished, reduced and destroyed along with the people to get the job done and all the awesome creative imagination that has no where to go.

With abundant natural resources, energy and people, We can choose high powered money, real equity to finance industries and empower personnel to supercharge an economy. We can choose to own, control, vote and create a future and carve out destiny on a personal level, a national level and an industry and enterprise level and with aircraft, aviation and aerospace.

Now we can ask, “Why relinquish command or strategic, operational and tactical capability?” “Why sacrifice being the master of your economy and industry, or have remote disabling on your aircraft to shut it all down, like the economic and financial throttle inherent in the Bank of Canada, the only true legit creator of real M1 money?” “Why give up nation state sovereignty?” “Why be a puppet or a slave, when you can be freedom, an individual, someone in the drivers seat?” “Why have no really challenging and rewarding careers and opportunities, or a job that does not pay?” “Why not the kind of work that is fun, challenging, rewarding” “Is that so much better, to do nothing, be nothing and have nothing? If so, why?

If allegiance to someone else is treason that leads to more genocide of every type in your own country...who do you serve? Are you ok with that, genocide and treason, the new world order?

Is it so much better that lobby groups, globalists, oligarch, multi-nationals, all basically non-citizens that did not or never will vote. Ownership, voting and control of a country and resources is a lot like securities...time to kick it up a notch on the throttle eh? We could do much better individually, enterprise wide and as a country.

The Avro Arrow, or any other strategic capabilities, such as an aerospace industrial policy or anything to do with national sovereignty, section 91 provisions and financing through real Bank of Canada money through any existing or to be created Crown Corporations is legal, authorized and right, there is no excuse not to do it.

Companies, factories, jobs, expertise, capabilities, inventions, patents, mission capabilities, it is time to get our act together. A little co-operation, just a little bit, fuel to the fire, light it up!

You probably will not read or hear about it in the news as it is usually suppressed and censored. Why, fascist liberals, the anti-nation state sovereignty crowd, globalists, people that like to censor anyone else point of view, a non issue, it is not open for discussion, it will go way...not likely.