Pro-Active - Class Action - Against the Microwave genocide death machine

Why? Governments and people in government, in addition to companies, people and certain class of people are enforcing crime, genocide and treason against people.

Genocide and population control and elimination is enforced.

Reproduction ability is currently being completely destroyed.

against the genocide death machine also known as:

Smart meters - wifi - cell phone towers - cell phones - 5G - ultrasound

intense pain, aggravation and annoyance, emotional disturbances, crowd control

cancer, disease, sickness, DNA destruction, impaired mental faculties and focus

blood brain barrier problems - insomnia - nervousness - irritability

lethargy, laziness, forgetfulness, lack of motivation

accelerated aging - eye damage - brain damage - and much more

damages muscles and makes people extremely weak

the body does not go into or is awakened from the REM sleep mode

the relaxation circuit that enables healing and revitalization to happen is disabled and neutralized

it is not "just getting older" there is a war against you, the individual and everyone…

damage to the inner ear, hearing problems, skin cancer and more

nervous ticks, skin surface electrification charge and muscle twitches…

selected disease can be created by pulsed microwave signals

surveillance technology - fraudulent hydro bills and meter use records -

wifi in cars, radar, baby carriage radar, ultrasound miscarriage, brain, organ and health destruction

hacked and programmed - spy n crime - click, that will teach you!

disclosure of confidential and private information, personal info sell, transfer, utilize

globalism, anti nation state, enforced genocide, white genocide, race replacement

miscarriage - abortion - infertility - pregnancy problems -

immediate long term and permanent egg damage and destruction for females

bad for the balls, the brain cells, dna and everything else

shut down and eliminate wifi in schools, it is bad for teachers and kids

microwave causes so called ADD, their cure is Ritalin, rat poison for the human race, wow

nobody talks about the super imposed socialist cultural marxist garbage genocide agenda in school, no way

nobody talks about how boring and stupid school is with all the sexual and social programing, no way

more drugs, Ritalin, GI weed, family values destruction, anti-white everywhere

talk back, disagree if you are not already disqualified and censored with rage, you are a white rascist, only whites can be racist…

a white supremacists, yeah, proud of that, all our super-achievements and inventions too!

honey bee extinction, insect genocide & extinction, bio-hazard to all forms of life

Not only do people in government not talk about the microwave genocide death machine…

they do not talk about Made in Canada either…they don't talk about the illegal 1982 constitution that enforces crime, genocide and treason, obscene and illegal multi-cult immigration, they
don't talk about how it is only the 1867 British North America Act is the only legal deal and enforcing that could eliminate all the problems we now are faced with in Canada…

What are you going to do about it? Lay down and die, let someone kill you, destroy you, defraud your life, health, vitality and opportunities, you potential for a greater quality of life and for people to have families and continue to build this awesome place called Canada?

Don't like bad news? Create good news. Don't like certain politicians? Do something better.

Character, confidence, courage, make a difference, freedom of choice…

Yield to peace, order and good government or

die from crime, genocide, treason and war!

You never had an ultimatum before, did you? That's what you want right? That is what you understand, right?

Request more info, be pro-active, launch counter-measures, sign up and contribute money and time to fight the invisible genocide war going on right in front of you, around us everywhere! Do something, don't do nothing!

cheque, cash, recruiting citizens, get involved, fight back, fight hard, this is more important than hockey and bullshit liberal fascist news propaganda by people who hate Canadians and our freedom.

Awareness - Pro-Active - Pro-Canada - Dedicated - Stand on Guard for Canada!!!

What you will not find in liberal fascist anti-Canadian newsmedia!!!! - 5G Apocalypse ?

If you don't believe in the Canadian Government is involved in Government and corporate sponsored crime, genocide and treason, in addition to "Misinformation" "Disinformation" "Protecting Corporate Interests" or if they really are "Following the Science" or that EMF and microwave does not produce biological effects, please read:

You may understand and be a lot more aware of many very important details… See February 3, 2023 on grants and see how the info war in Canada works

Click Here To Download The Guide

5G illegal financing in America - fraud, deception & crime check out :

Class Action, against government, ministries, actual people in government, all levels of government, public and private enterprise, schools, hydro companies, phone and telecommunication companies and people, technology companies and more.

They are engaged in crime, treason, genocide and war against people and using weapons of mass destruction, bio weapons, engaged in harassment and conducting experiments on people without their informed consent. There exists mountains of evidence, dedicated people, it is time to move, wage war on an unprecedented scale, because it involves your life, the life of every individual and living thing, the future is in our hands, we have it in our power to do something, which is a zillion times better than doing nothing. When there is no justice, we will have to destroy the crime, treason and genocide war machine, it is one more dangerous reality in Canada's real war.

Options : join or die, pick your poison - invisible genocide and warfare is genocide and warfare…you can also destroy microwave towers and get rid of smart meters, that is a relevant option too, but start with class action and nuke'em…

Independent Communication Technology - Crypto-Magique Inc. -

● How would you like true independent off the grid telephone and communications, no satellite, no wifi, no microwave, zero gps or geo-location, no genocide microwave biohazard technology, no outrageous phone or internet bill, mobility, agility and versatile?

Battlegroup 301 Incorporated -
The MARS 1A Antennae makes the genocide machine cell phone towers, 5G, smart meters and wifi obsolete…

Notes: most of this was written within the last one to two years ago and is still relevant; no since nothing was done and mostly surpassed and censored by mainstream liberal fascist media, and the government of traitors and genocide maniacs,

we now have this : censored, almost top secret USA class Action against 5G roll out of the genocide death machine

Since some people like to "debunk" the truth, or slam "conspiracy theories" why don't you research who owns and controls cell towers, take a look around your neighbourhood, and even who owns, votes, controls and edits or censors the mainstream media….